Steve Bannon hosts QAnon-linked activist to promote organization seemingly focused on intimidating voters

Former Trump aide and January 6 coup plotter Steve Bannon twice hosted QAnon-linked activist Melody Jennings on his War Room podcast to promote her group, Clean Elections USA. The organization appears to be centered around recruiting volunteers to stand watch over ballot drop box locations, raising concerns about voter intimidation.

During the October 15 edition of Bannon’s show, Jennings explained the purpose of Clean Elections USA. 

“We’ve got people ready to go in 18 states to go out in shifts and guard these boxes,” said Jennings. “We’ve got people out there, on the ground and doing the work.” 

Jennings added that her group has “people around the box with iPhones, with, you know, Androids, with your own cameras, which is legal, by the way, we can video and we can take pictures.”

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Citation From the October 15, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

During her interview, Jennings shouted out the QAnon program MG Show and the QAnon-aligned group True the Vote, both of which regularly push baseless claims of voter fraud. 

On Telegram, the account associated with MG Show celebrated Jennings' appearance and shoutout. Additionally, Jennings has been a guest on MG Show in the past.

MG Show Jennings

On October 17, Bannon again hosted Jennings to pitch her group to his listeners. During her second appearance, Jennings said her group is working to get 10 or more volunteers around each drop box. 

Jennings added she will make sure that Clean Elections USA volunteers are “one of us,” seemingly alluding to those who believe there is widespread voter fraud.

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Citation From the October 17, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

Jenning’s appearance continues a pattern of Bannon’s podcast serving as a platform for QAnon.