Steve Bannon guest Mike Davis says Proud Boys seditious conspiracy convictions were about “trying to take out Trump”

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Citation From the May 5, 2023 edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Let me bring in Mike Davis. And Mike, first off, thank you for carving out time. I know you were out with the War Room posse last night in Michigan, delivering a fire-breathing speech as only you can. But I want to talk about the J6, what's happened here in the last 24 hours. And clearly, obviously, they don't care about the Proud Boys, just like they didn't care about the Oath Keepers. You got valley girl Andrew Weissman, as Julie Kelly, you know, properly pointed out last night. He sounds just like a valley girl; he is going over to the galleria later, right, to look to do some shopping. That's a L.A. joke for people from Los Angeles. Mike Davis, your thoughts, observations about what's happened and what's really happening here.


MIKE DAVIS (GUEST): People need to understand that this is lawfare, that they fear they can't beat Trump in the polls in 2024. So they simply indicted him in New York with Alvin Bragg's bogus case against Trump and they're going to indict him down in Fulton County, Georgia, and Jack Smith's going to indict him in D.C..

So this is lawfare. It's is it's unprecedented what the Democrats are doing. These charges are bogus. Remember what happened on January 6th. The protesters had a permit from the National Park Service to protest on January 6th. The Electoral Counts Acts of 1887 specifically allows presidential candidates to object to presidential elections, so does the First Amendment. It is only a crime to object to presidential elections in third-world, Marxist hell-holes and what happened on January 6th was a protest got out of control, and turned into a riot. It was not a seditious conspiracy. It was not an insurrection.

Do think that every grandma who showed up and walked into the Capitol and took selfies on January 6th was part of some seditious conspiracy or insurrection? No, it was a protest that got out of control, and remember, Democrats are the kings of protests that got out of control. We had BLM and antifa riots that destroyed our country for months. They attacked the White House, they attacked the Portland federal courthouse on a nightly basis. They took over federal land and shot at cops. They burned St. John's church. They attacked Senator Rand Paul, a U.S. Senator leaving the White House.

Let's talk about dangerous riots. They weren't charged with seditious conspiracy, they weren’t charged with insurrection. They were barely charged, many of them got amnesty. Many of them, the charges were dropped, but this is the Biden Justice Department politicizing the justice system working with local DAs, these woke Marxists DAs around the country. They're trying to take out Trump because they fear they can't beat him in 2024.