Steve Bannon describes Putin's invasion of Ukraine as a “regional border dispute between two Slavic peoples”

Bannon and guest unload on Rod Stewart for supporting Ukraine

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Citation From the March 27, 2023 edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Right now it's a fist fight -- it's a Slavic fist fist on the eastern border of Ukraine.


By the way, he has blue and gold boots and a flag? What's going on with Rod Stewart, Steve Cortes?

STEVE CORTES (GUEST): Sir Rod Stewart, directing Davos foreign policy for the entire world, sadly. By the way, no wonder Rachel Hunter left him, OK, he is a fool. She was always my favorite of all the famous swimsuit models.


We continue to insert ourselves into as you say a regional Slavic struggle, one that has gone on for time immemorial, that will probably go on for centuries after all of us are gone. We are inserting ourselves into it and escalating it into something, into a conflagration that does in fact matter to the entire world.


There are still a lot of Republican office holders out there, people who are in the Senate and the House, who have an "R" after their name, who somehow believe that this is in America's national interest. I hope that they realize they are aligning themselves with the likes of Joe Biden and Rod Stewart.


STEVE BANNON (HOST): We've got to get these people to table, get these people to the table and get a negotiated settlement because the longer this war goes on, the higher probability that something's going to happen, the law of unintended consequences in the fog of war, something is going to happen and what is a regional border dispute between two Slavic peoples, two Slavic entities is going to spin out of control.