Steve Bannon describes the midterm elections as “a whole different game”: “We are prepared this time. We are trained this time.”

Bannon: Election denial groups are “a parallel organization to the RNC”

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Citation From the October 28, 2022 edition of War Room: Battleground

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Jenny Beth, you've done an amazing job going throughout the country kind of in a parallel organization to the RNC, you and Cleta Mitchell, you've been training up people. 


JENNY BETH MARTIN (TEA PARTY PATRIOTS): We have volunteers all around the country, we have an incredible team of people who have been working very hard in Pennsylvania, also in Wisconsin, in Arizona, every single poll watching shift is covered in Maricopa County, they still need other areas covered in Arizona but Gina Swoboda who is with the Voter Reference Foundation and Charlie Kirk and Turning Point and Tyler Bower and we’ve been out there and Cleta’s been out there, Heritage Action has been out there, Honest Elections Project -- it is all hands on deck. 

We’re making sure people are trained, we have poll watchers in place, if people still want to poll watch we still have time to get more people trained to be poll watchers.

They’re not going to get away with it. When I hear that from MSNBC it sounds like oh no, it’s déjà vu of 2020 but it’s not because we have people in place now.

BANNON: No, no. We’re ready.

MARTIN: That we did not have in 2020.


MARTIN: And Steve, even the RNC, they’ve got hotlines set up, they are ready to man those hotlines, they have attorneys in place that were not there in 2020. So it is much different than it was in 2020.

BANNON: No, no, this is a whole different game.

The watch the box crowd, the judge said I’m not going to tell them to stand down because this is their constitutional right. They were doing everything fairly, they were at the exact location. 

Now, were they in cammies? Yes. Did they have weapons? But that’s Arizona, you have open carry, it’s the state of Arizona, that’s the law. The judge said I can’t go against the Constitution. That’s another example -- people are there following the law, they’re not trying to suppress votes, they’re there following the law and we’re going to watch these boxes. 

Jenny Beth, I want to hit rewind, I want to go back over this again because it’s so powerful. We are prepared this time. We are trained this time.

MARTIN: That is exactly right, Steve. There is a coalition of over 100 groups on the center right who have been working on this for the last two years. I personally have done over 120 training sessions around the country since last November. 

But it’s not just me alone. Cleta’s done 10 or 11 different statewide summits. Heritage Action is out there, Honest Elections Project, Voter Reference Foundation, Turning Point USA, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, you name it, everyone is paying attention to this.