Steve Bannon describes House speakership fight as a “spiritual war”

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Citation From the October 17, 2023, edition of War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): You took on, over the weekend, the old bulls that are these, congressmen, they're in these MAGA districts, but they're dug in, they've been around forever, but they run, they call them the cardinals. They run these, the big committees, the ones that count, the ones that deal with money and power. The two most important are Appropriations and Armed Services. You notice, you know, Judiciary and Oversight, those are the ones that get the big hearings. You have guys jumping in there and they're, and you know, it's, you got Matt Gaetz. It's all show time. Jim Jordan comes from that area. 

But that's the front porch. The engine room where stuff gets done in this town is about money and the allocation of money and with it power. 

We are fighting a spiritual war but as you know, in every spiritual war you got to get down -- even Saint Michael -- you got to get down into the trenches if you're gonna win it. And this is trench warfare. 

You ain't rolling over. Because you said, hey, I'm fighting for my country and you know, you guys are more emblematic of the revolutionary generation than anything we've ever had. Since that time, since that time. You talk about the Constitution, you talk about the love of, hey, at some point, you got to roll your sleeves up and get down in it and you guys are in it. This weekend was trench warfare and we won, we think.