Steve Bannon defends people carrying guns and wearing camouflage while watching drop boxes in Arizona

Bannon: “It's not intimidation to put a set of eyeballs on these things”

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Citation From the October 25, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): The people out there watching the box. They don't like the way some people are dressed, they don't like them in cammies, they don't like them, you know, in Arizona law you can have the open carry, they don't like that. They're running around, it's not gonna change, you can run, and do anything you want. The camera and people are going to be there watching. We're not going to have this stolen, you're not going to have 2000 mules situation in these boxes. People have made the decision to do it. Go ahead, Cleta. 

CLETA MITCHELL (GUEST): Let me tell you an example of that. In Pennsylvania it is against the law to deliver anybody else's ballot except your own and under very strict circumstances, an immediate family member. So, to have these drop boxes and citizens saying we will watch, we're going to be watching, I've talked with Clean Elections, Melinda, just the other day, and this wonderful programmer, they are watching these drop boxes.

The attorney general of Pennsylvania who's running for governor, does he go out and remind everybody, now remember, you can't deliver anybody else's ballot, just your own, that's what our law says, is that what the attorney general is saying to the people of Pennsylvania? No. He's not saying that. He's saying if you watch, if you are watching a ballot box to try to make sure that nobody delivers more than one ballot, we may prosecute you for "intimidation." But, it is not backing people off. 

BANNON: Exactly, that’s their new thing. It's not intimidation to put a set of eyeballs on these things – not intimidation.