Steve Bannon decries “lawlessness” in Georgia: “They're rounding up” people who are “War Room posse types”

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Citation From the August 15, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): This lawfare is all 100% is to -- is to stop Trump and the Trump movement. 1000%, it ain't even a question about that. But now the lawlessness in Georgia is pretty shocking because now they're rounding up -- now they're rounding up, what is it, 18 people with Trump or 17 people -- I think 18 with Trump. And many of these just totally innocent type -- War Room posse types, right?

They're going to try to break them, try to bankrupt them, all of it. This is, they have no bounds. They have -- they will do anything, think about that for a second, they will do anything, they will break any law, they will destroy any institution, they will do anything to defeat Donald Trump. And why is that? Think about that for a second. Why is that? Because of you. They do not want the working class and middle class people of this country to have any say so in the direction of this country.