Steve Bannon calls Speaker Johnson “a hot mess” and “a wimp”

Bannon: “You people are going to go down in history as nothing but a bunch of disgusting wimp losers”

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Citation From the January 12, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): I can't take anymore. I can't take anymore. So Johnson's now committed to five or six different alternatives. Right? Every time he gets in a room, he commits to something.

Yo, dude. I wouldn't be so confident of anything right now. You're a mess. You're a hot mess.


Courage. Courage. And courage means in the defining moment, you have to step into conflict.

Dude, you're just a wimp. It's not hacking it. The country's in a crisis.

You got all the leverage in the world if you have the titanium stones to say, hey, guess what, Biden? If you're going to have an invasion on the border, if you're going to spend money like crazy. If you're going to do this, hey, your illegitimate regime is going to shut down. You can suck on this because we are the House of Representatives, and I am Speaker of that House, empowered by the Constitution of the United States and the founding fathers of this nation.

That's what I need to hear. I don't need to hear your wimpy, [IMITATES PIG NOISES]

The country's in a crisis. Stop going home at 10:45 in the morning with nothing done. I don't wanna hear oh, you know, you're going to come back.

God, we don't have enough time. I need a CR. You need a CR? Where were your asses over the three weeks of Christmas, anybody in this audience take three weeks off? You would love to take three weeks off, spend it with your family.

Maybe at two weeks, you say, hey, should I go back to work? Kidding. You people are going to go down in history as nothing but a bunch of disgusting wimp losers.

In fact, you're not even going to be remembered by history. You're not even going to be remembered by history because you weren't in the fight in the moment, you had to be in the fight. And we know the only reason you're scared now is because of this audience.