Steve Bannon calls MSNBC host Joy Reid a white supremacist for condemning Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Bannon says Biden should be impeached for “manufactured crisis” of Russia invading Ukraine, and claims that Ukraine is a “Hillary Clinton colony” that supported the Nazis

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Citation From the February 22, 2022, edition of War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Ladies and gentlemen, elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. And we're seeing, you know, they're talking with the dark period in American history we're going through, the created crises as the great Steve Cortes says about the economy and finance – we're going to get to that.

And now the created crises on the Russian-speaking provinces of eastern Ukraine. Right? It – what, twelve hours flight, I don't know, eight hours flight from Paris, deep in the heart of Eurasia.


The Chinese Communist Party create eight with Fauci's help create a bioweapon in a lab, unleash on the world, kill 900,000 Americans or 800,000 Americans, killed 5 million throughout the world, destroyed the world's economy, add as I say $10 trillion dollars of debt, and not a peep. Just understand that. This is all about the Chinese Communist Party the existential threat, but they're trying to get your divert your attention away from all the disasters. And if they did it in a savvy way, if they did in a smart way, if you actually say, hey, these guys got some moves and they got some game. It is a group of sad sacks, and this is embarrassing. And this is empowering the mullahs and the gangsters in Beijing, Erdogan, the guys in Pakistan, the weird little guy in with the bad haircut in South – in North Korea. You know all these guys were all bad hombres, right? It's empowering all those guys in Venezuela. Every bad guy sitting in there – the cartels in Mexico and they're sitting there going, this is a clown show. This is a clown show. And they're leading us into danger.

The first article of impeachment is gonna be the invasion of the second – of the southern border. The second article impeachment is the manufactured crisis to draw us into a shooting war. Oh my god in Eastern Europe, even a place in World War Two, we avoid it right? Remember, the Soviets took the Russians took what, 25, 30, 35 million casualties. Ukraine, I think they killed 8 million.

And remember, and I wanna be polite as I say this. And I wanna be nice as I say this because the Ukrainian people here there's good folks. But hey, let's just cut to the history. They were with the Germans on the way east. Okay? So they killed eight million going one way and the Russians killed another seven million coming back the other way. Fifteen million dead, I think it was if you ever wanna see a film about it, it's about Belarus, but it could be in Ukraine because it's kinda all the same. Watch the film Come And See. It's a movie about World War Two. But watch the war that they fought, Hey, that was not Normandy. Okay. It was not the taking of Paris. It's brutality and savagery and just inhumanity is mind-blowing. That's what we're dealing with.


Darren Beattie. You've been on this from day one. Can you please help the audience understand the Davos elites that control this country, between New York City, the media, and Washington DC, their obsession – obsession with the Hillary Clinton colony that is Ukraine, sir?

DARREN BEATTIE (GUEST): Absolutely. And there are many stories within stories here. There's the geopolitical context. There's the kind of sociology of our decrepit ruling class. And we generally talk about the ruling elite though it were this monolithic thing, but they're actually factions within it.

And there's one specific faction called the Atlanticist Faction. And this is the group is absolutely obsessed with Russia and with European politics generally. And the reason that they're important, not just beyond the scope of what our optimal geopolitical posture should be is that there is a tremendous overlap between this Atlanticist Faction, and the group that tried its very best to silence suppress and destroy Trump and his presidency and his supporters. And in fact, you know, a lot of people were wondering now, why is it, you know, during the Trump impeachment proceedings that so many of these people that were trying to sabotage Trump had some policy profile relevant to the Ukraine, or relevant to Russia. Why is that? Why is it our original reporting, Revolver News, before we are famous for January 6th reporting, we're talking about color revolutions. Why is it that all of these people with State Department portfolios or experts in color revolution operations overseas. Why does it happen to be they're doing the same thing here, but they're doing against Trump and his supporters. So what this is really about is is a specific faction within our elite that is absolutely obsessed with Russia and is absolutely obsessed with destroying Trump, populism, and any remnants of the movement that propelled 2016, which makes this not just a geopolitical issue, It also makes it a domestic issue and explains –

BANNON: Hold on. Darren, I gotta say this because I just talked somebody today about the Atlanticists before you came on, this Atlanticists. These are – and you got Joy-Ann Reid with the Barbie wigs on every night, you got Joy-Ann Reid and you got – the Altanticists are the ultimate white supremacists. They don't care about the working-class Hispanics on the Rio Grande Valley. They don't care about the working-class Hispanics in South Texas. They don't care about the invasion and the crushing of the African American and the in the labor pool. All they care is about – they still think the whole world revolves around like the small section of Europe in and between New York City and – Cambridge, New York City, Washington DC. The publishing houses, the media, the banks, the cocktail parties, all of it and in Europe. That's it. They don't understand that, hey, China, Asia, people of color, that we're a Pacific power all that there. They 're so – these guys are the white supremacists. They're totally white supremacists. That's all they think about. And they don't care – that's why they hate Trump's populism because it includes them. Darren Beattie.

BEATTIE: Absolutely. No, that's that's all they care about and it's more than – it's interesting that you say they're the white supremacists when just incidentally, one of many outrages compounded into our know Eastern Europe policy is that there are literal neo-Nazi groups within the Ukraine that are being supported indirectly by the United States government because they're anti-Putin.