Steve Bannon calls for “massive cuts” to Medicaid and other federal spending

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Citation From Day 2 of the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference

STEVE BANNON: The neoliberal neocon system globally is underwritten by you. Your taxes, your pension money, the insurance money, and most importantly, your sons and daughters. You’re the one that can tell Congress, hey, not one increase to the debt ceiling and we want to see massive cuts. We want to see massive cuts in spending and we want to see it now. 

Not next year, don’t give me some happy talk formula. Don’t give me some set of mathematics. I want to see real cuts. Now, when you talk about real cuts, and Russ Vought’s put it out, the president, you know, Biden is always running around talking about it, two trillion dollars in cuts over the next ten years, I think in Medicaid, these are going to be tough cuts, okay? Get the woke and weaponization out, don’t think, every one is going to fight, a tough fight.