Steve Bannon calls on Infowars listeners to become poll workers

Bannon: “These are going to be fights, but the way you do that, you get into the room and become a poll worker”

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Citation From the October 26, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

STEVE BANNON (GUEST): Look, this shows so much, number one: Owen you know this and you can do the math, no regime could've collapsed this quickly when we had no money if they actually had 81 million votes the first time around. This proves the case more than ever they didn't win in 2020. Okay?

What we have to do now is an overwhelming show of force, everywhere to converge: own your vote, get out the vote, help get out the vote, go volunteer, phonebank, walk a precinct, and in addition, we have to close the deal. Remember, in 2020 we won but we didn't close. It's like in mergers and acquisitions, if you don't close the deal it doesn't matter. The way we got to close -- and we still got the problems with the machines, I understand that -- and you should see the Wall Street Journal today, the op-eds, the editorial page talks about we still got problems with the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. And these are going to be fights, but the way you do that, you get into the room and become a poll worker. This is 100% Owen, within our hands to grasp, this'll never come again. We have a unique opportunity to have something like 1932 or right after the Civil War when you had these massive realignments in American politics. We could blow these people out of the House and Senate for a decade. Okay? If we pick up 40 or 50 seats it gets us up to what, 260, 270? And those guys below 150. You kill them for a generation because they're going to sit there with no power. All your great talent is going to leave. They're not gonna sit in DC and just be on a minority in a committee. It doesn't work like that because you have no power. This is our opportunity to destroy the groomer party, to destroy the globalist party, to back off their Wall Street and their corporate interests and to go forth. So that's why I say everything's in the next 13 days, sir.