Steve Bannon calls for Bill Barr to “arrest Jack Dorsey today”

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Citation From the November 4, 2020, edition of War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): GTV and GNews, you're subtitling us in Mandarin? Don't think that -- our firewall is worse than your firewall. They don't take Xi down, right? They don't take Wang Qishan down. They don't take the Global Times down. They're taking down the president of the United States. If the president of the United States does not call Bill Barr now, today, this moment -- what is it? Section 232 of the Defense Act -- and send U.S. marshals out to San Francisco and arrest Jack Dorsey today -- I said it on Vice the other day and that interview was from two weeks ago. I knew this moment was going to come. When some punk like Jack Dorsey is going to take down and suppress the free speech of the commander-in-chief. 


RAHEEM KASSAM (HOST): Steve, you couldn't be more correct. This is the moment. And I don't mean in an hour, I don't mean in two hours. 

BANNON: Right now. 

KASSAM: I mean right now. Twitter HQ -- don't just arrest Jack Dorsey, seize every piece of equipment in there. Take the thing down. They are impacting this election. They are calling it for one side. This cannot be allowed to happen.