Regular Fox News guest to Steve Bannon: “We're all going to die. Die for something that's meaningful”

Carol Swain: “I embrace” the label of “domestic terrorist”

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Citation From the October 5, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Dr. Swain, tell us -- we got a few minutes, tell us about the book. What inspired you to write it? You're one of the intellectual leaders of the Constitution, the republic, our history, what inspired you to write this and why did you write it right now, in this time? 

CAROL SWAIN (GUEST): The American people. There were so many parents, teachers, policymakers coming to me trying to understand critical race theory and what was happening around them. And so, the book was written to equip people, but also to inform them, remind them that in America, we do have civil rights laws. They protect white people too. We do have a Constitution with an equal protection clause that protects all persons and we also have at one time had decency. We did not shame or bully people because of the color of their skin. And whenever that took place decent people stood up to condemn it. And so the book was written for the American people.

It has a glossary, an index, resources, and also two chapters on strategies for how to fight back and if that makes me a domestic terrorist, then I am a domestic terrorist and I embrace that label. And I think more of us need to stand up and fight the people that are trying to destroy America. They've handed it over to our foreign enemies, and we need to stand up today or find yourself under the rule of foreign powers because our leaders have sold us out.


BANNON: Dr. Carol Swain is not going to back down one inch, okay, she's not going to back down one inch.

SWAIN: That's because of my faith. That's because of my faith. We're all going to die -- die for something that's meaningful and this is the time to stand up and not be coward by fear of enemies, America's enemies. It's now or never for our nation.