QAnon-linked congressional candidate J.R. Majewski to Steve Bannon: “I am the new face of the Republican Party”

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Citation From the May 10, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEPHEN BANNON (HOST): The heart of it was you saying we don’t have enough blue collar folks in Washington D.C., we don’t have enough working class folks in Washington D.C. and that’s what it’s going to take to throw out this -- professional politicians who have been there for over 40 years, what did you mean by that?

J.R. MAJEWSKI (GUEST): I mean, a guy like me who started from the bottom of the nuclear power industry and worked my up to the executive ranks, you know someone that knows how to put in a hard days work and knows what it feels like to be away from their families and suffer through this economy. And then, you know, suffer through the Obama economy, and then have a Trump economy - have our 401(k)s go up, have our investments actually start to bear fruit - only to have it taken away from a Biden administration that’s failing in every aspect of the game. 

You know, we need people that understand the everyday American lifestyle. And my father always told me those who always eat from a silver spoon will never know the taste of rust and I can tell you Steve, I’ve throughout my life tasted rust quite a few times and when I was able to eat from a silver spoon I never forgot what it took to get me there. 

BANNON: You were at the NRCC, do you think that message resonated with them, sir?

MAJEWSKI: Absolutely, I kind of became the celebrity of the night and even this morning people were coming up and talking to me. I think they love to hear the message, they love the fact that President Trump is actually coming out and full on supporting a guy like me and they know that I’m the new face of the Republican Party, absolutely.