My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell refers to the COVID-19 vaccine as the “mark of the beast”

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Citation From the March 11, 2021, edition of War Room: Pandemic 

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): I've got a new social media channel that's going to be -- it's a YouTube, Twitter combined. You've never seen anything like it in the world. It's unbreakable. It's called Vocal, V-O-C-L. We're going to be vocal. This is going to be voices, voices that are unrestricted. You can go -- this is for freedom of speech. And all the -- everyone's going to come over there and we are gonna just put out a stream of evidence and be able to say the words "Dominion," "Smartmatic," "election fraud," vaccines that mark of the beast. We'll be able to say whatever we want. That's called freedom of speech, First Amendment rights.