Minnesota GOP- and Bannon-endorsed US Senate candidate Royce White has frequently hurled an anti-LGBTQ slur

Right-wing podcaster Royce White also used an ableist slur and called multiple women a “c---”

Royce White

Minnesota Republicans over the weekend endorsed far-right podcaster Royce White as their candidate for a U.S. Senate seat. White has a history of extreme rhetoric, including lobbing anti-LGBTQ and ableist slurs and calling multiple women a “c—.”

White, a former professional basketball player, is the host of the podcast Please Call Me Crazy. He is a regular guest on far-right programs such as those of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who introduced him via video during the Minnesota Republican convention over the weekend. 

White has pushed far-right media conspiracy theories, including about the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi; the tragic Maui wildfires; and the 2020 election. He is also virulently anti-LGBTQ, writing that “the LGBTQ movement is the brainchild of radical feminists and their cucked men.... At least from a political standpoint.” He has claimed that former professional basketball player Charles Barkley was being influenced by a Jewish “cabal.” 

On Saturday, White received 67% of the vote at the state GOP’s convention to become the party’s endorsed candidate. 

White has a history of using slurs and pejoratives to attack people. Here are some examples of such commentary from recent years. 

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Royce White 3
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Royce White 6
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Royce White 9

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