Mike Lindell predicts the end times and calls the COVID-19 vaccine “mark of the beast stuff” on Bannon podcast

Lindell also says he may sue Dominion Voting Systems

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Citation From the February 6, 2021, edition of War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): You're committing to your followers and to other people out in the country and even your opponents and people that hate you that you're going to go to court and you're going to sue Dominion.

MIKE LINDELL (MYPILLOW CEO): I will go after them if that's -- if there's a way to do it, I will do that for the American people. We've got to -- the truth needs to come out. So if the truth does not come out here, if they keep suppressing it, that's -- what other recourse do I have? I've got to bring -- Then I've got to bring them to court and Smartmatic, bring them all to the court. And -- because you've got to have discovery then, and I already got what they're not trying to show you.


BANNON: You went on a religious channel, a YouTube channel the other night and said hey, if this does not get vetted and not come up and we don't get to the bottom of this, this is going to start -- I think you actually started talking about the end times. I just want to make sure -- you've got a couple minutes here. What -- where do you think the country is and if this is not vetted -- because they're making it out like you're saying hey, the world's going to end. What was your thoughts the other night and what do you think's going to happen if this does not get vetted.

LINDELL: Well I think we're going down a communist path, the socialism is coming in here, everybody can look what happen in Nazi Germany. I mean this is -- we're going down -- it's happening so fast, when I see and experiencing the cancelation of people, canceling out people's jobs, they don't exist. When you take away all communication this is like -- you know, you take away the communications, you take away anybody that can talk, now it's this one world order, the stuffs in Revelation, that's what I was talking about and you combine that with this vaccine, that's mark of the beast stuff, I mean, I mean this is horrible, keeping us indoors.