On Infowars, Steve Bannon claims the “deep state” may be planning an assassination of Trump

Bannon and Alex Jones agree that the FBI may have planted something at Mar-a-Lago

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Citation From the August 9, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

STEVE BANNON (GUEST): I do not think it's beyond this administrative state and their deep state apparatus to actually try to work on the assassination of President Trump. I think – I think everything's on the table. I think security ought to be at the highest it's ever been. And honestly, I think he ought to and I think he should have flown down in Mar-a-Lago this morning, walked out there at noon today, and said, hey, I'm running for president, United States. Suck on that.

ALEX JONES (HOST): Well, that was my next question. As his former top adviser, what should Trump be doing right now?

BANNON: I think what we what he should do is action, action, action. I don't think there should be any more of the tweets, no more of the Truth Social stuff. That's all nice. They put out a video last night. No more videos. We're beyond that.

You know, they're trying to not just put you in bankruptcy. They're trying to liquidate Infowars, which is obviously one of the major news sources out there for the MAGA movement. They're trying to liquidate Infowars. They're putting Peter Navarro in chains like a common felon. What they did to President Trump is outrageous. Look, you're playing right now. I think it's a beautiful film and I appreciate the people that made it. We're beyond that. We all –

JONES: I agree, we need to see the general, George Washington 2.0 in the field taking it to him.

BANNON: We need to you need to get to Mar-A-Lago, the exact place that they desecrated because it was a desecration. They did it on purpose. They understand how Mar-a-Lago resonates there not just MAGA but to the American people. One of the great buildings in this country and we've had so many iconic moments there with President Xi and Abe who just passed away, you know, the moment of standing up to the North Koreans on their missile shoot, so many important things happened there that – to go and desecrate it the way they did, particularly over this administrative issue at the National Archives that clearly there, as you know, Alex, on a fishing expedition or on a planting expedition, I wouldn't put it past him to have planted stuff – that – this is a criminal. The FBI and the DOJ are essentially lawless criminal organizations.

JONES: Let start over there, because you're laying out a lot of key things second by second. Exactly. How do we know a hundred agents in there with their long history of planting things, didn't plant something classified.

BANNON: You're absolutely right.