Frank Gaffney calls Sen. Chuck Schumer a “Court Jew” and claims the “psychology” of Jews is “pretty twisted”

Gaffney: “Chuck Schumer was sent out to Kosher-ize, if you will, the Biden team's antipathy towards Israel”

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Citation From the March 15, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Shocking betrayal. We told you, this is another War Room called shot. We told you this day was coming. Let's go and play the the clip and I'm gonna bring in Frank Gaffney.

BANNON: The world has changed, it's called Michigan, the primary. That's what's changed. We said this day was coming, but it's pretty shocking to hear it from crying Chuck Schumer. Frank Gaffney, your observations and analysis.

FRANK GAFFNEY (GUEST): Well, Steve, as you say, this has been kind of a telegraph punch. The Biden administration has been betraying Israel really from its inception. Not altogether surprising given the people around Joe Biden include a bunch of Palestinian sympathizers, people who have worked with UNRWA for example, the so-called UN agency that props up Hamas.

But beyond that, Steve, what we've seen is a ratcheting up of this whole endeavor as it relates now to Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer is of course the majority leader of the United States Senate. He took to the floor to denounce by name the elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel. He castigated his cabinet. He, I think, smeared him in terms of his larger agenda pre-October 7th. This wasn't about co-opting the Supreme Court. It was about bringing back into balance a democracy in which a court was running amok as we've seen in Brazil and other countries around the world.

Here's the bottom line. Chuck Schumer was sent out to Kosher-ize, if you will, the Biden team's antipathy towards Israel. I had a fascinating conversation with a mutual friend of ours, Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, on our show Securing America.


He called, on my program today, Chuck Schumer, the “court Jew” of the Biden administration.

And by that, and this is a Jewish rabbi, of course, but by that, he meant that what he is is a man who is serving against the interests of the Jewish people, against the interests of Israel and I would argue against the interests of Judeo Christian civilization.

Because what Chuck Schumer is fundamentally doing, Steve as you appreciate better than just about anybody, is throwing in with the Sharia supremacists, there and here in Michigan among other places for what purpose? To save Hamas and that will only mean mortal peril to the state of Israel because it won't be just facing resuscitated Hamas. It will be facing Hezbollah, it will be facing the Houthis who are taking on the United States Navy with considerable effect. And of course, Iran and its master Xi Jinping of China, that's what we're up against here.


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Video file

Citation From the March 15, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON: But Frank, you've done a great job of exposing that but no offense, there are a couple of, three, senior people in his administration that happened to be, I think Jewish, how can this be going on. They're condemning the government of Israel at the very moment and they're telling him there's a red line in Rafah. If you go take out the battalions of Muslim  Brotherhood Hamas fighters, that's a red line the United States is not going to see. You're the first guy to say, hey, the pier they're building in Gaza is to bring - and Tuberville said this on the show - 750,000 to a million Palestinians that the Egyptians won't take and the Jordanians won't take, send them to the United States. So there's senior Jewish people in the administration. How have they turned on Israel?

GAFFNEY: Yeah, look, I'm not Jewish, I can pass, I guess and I certainly am righteous. But what I am saying is there are people who are Jews and who hate Judaism or hate themselves as Jews. I don't know. And I, the psychology of this is pretty twisted, but check out our interview with Pesach Wolicki or check out his show more importantly, I'm sure he'll say the same thing there. What he's describing is not unique to this particular Court Jew or for that matter others that might be in the administration. We're talking about people who have thrown in with the enemies of Israel.