Days ahead of his scheduled imprisonment, Steve Bannon declares the country is in a “political war”

Bannon: “If you continue to fight for your republic, we will be victorious”

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Citation From the June 27, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): We are the rule of law party, but it's about the rule of law under the Constitution. What you've had is something that's shredded the Constitution, and you, quite frankly, are part of a Republican Party that allowed the radical Democrats to do it. You were collaborators. You just got tapped along. You were what we call the controlled opposition. We’re not the controlled opposition.

Hey, guess what, there may be prison, there's already been prison time for Peter Navarro, other people have been put in prison. Some for many years. They just had a 75-year-old grandmother that was put to prison. People are going to go to prison, they've already bankrupted people. They bankrupted-- they're liquidating Alex Jones. They're trying to bankrupt Jim Hoft. They're now going to go after Epoch Times. 

This is just-- it's a political war. These kind of things are going to happen, but we are ascendent and if we don't quit, we win. We can only lose if we say we've had enough and we can't do it anymore, it's theirs. It's their country. If you continue to fight for your republic, we will be victorious.