Current Trump lawyer and podcast host Rudy Giuliani criticizes Trump's legal team

Giuliani: “The mere fact that they weren’t prepared for this is an outrage”

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Citation From the November 12, 2020, edition of Citizens of the American Republic's Bannon's War Room 

RUDY GIULIANI (GUEST): The way I look at it, the best explanation I have for it is, these people are on mañana time, and I'm on Trump time. A little different. But they are very frustrating.

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Mayor Rudy --

GIULIANI: Including -- including within his own legal team, his campaign. The mere fact that they weren't prepared for this is an outrage. You know that, Steve. You and I talked about it. Every one of these documents I'm putting together now, these all should've been ready. 

All you had to do was ant -- how -- how -- how much anticipation was there? I mean, I'm very very frustrated. But it -- you know, it doesn't stop me from going after them 24 hours a day. And most of these questions --

BANNON: Okay, Mayor --

GIULIANI: Wouldn't be filed if I weren't yelling and screaming and doing my own intimidation -- I mean they want go over these lawsuits, he waits.