At CPAC, Steve Bannon says Trump will “drive the vermin out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”

Bannon: “Some of our folks may say justice in this case is retribution. I will let that be defined as we go forward.”

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Citation From Day 3 of the Conservative Political Action Conference

STEVE BANNON: The New York Times is throwing Biden under the bus every day and backing him up over him. That shows you they know he's an illegitimate regime head. He's a usurper in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


What if our framers came back here, came back today and saw 10 million illegal alien invaders that they have gamed the system to bring here? Nobody -- give me that again, ma'am. Lock 'em up. All of them – Garland, Wray, Biden, all of them, Mayorkas.

What they did to this country is unforgivable, and we will not forget it and we will never forgive it until justice is done. Now some, some, some of our folks may say justice in this case is retribution. I will let that be defined as we go forward. But we're not going to back off this.


His fate and destiny is to have the greatest political comeback in American history. And on November 5th, to drive the vermin out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden, you and your crime family are nothing but trash, OK?