Charlie Kirk tells War Room audience to contact Nebraska state legislators and demand change to electoral system

Kirk has called for Nebraska to become a “winner take all” state in 2024 election

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Citation From the April 3, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Charlie Kirk, you’re on point on this. Explain to the audience what’s happening, they’re in meltdown right now because of your being on offense. What’s going on, what do we need to do to assist you, sir?

CHARLIE KIRK (GUEST): Our team started to look up, you know, hey, is there a bill that can fix Nebraska's issue where they appropriate some of their electoral votes based on congressional district? 

BANNON: But hang on one second, hang on, hang on. I wanna raise the stakes here. The only way they look at it right now, they've got to win the – the thing we pierced in ‘16, the northern veil, they got to win Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania –

KIRK: Yes.

BANNON: If they do that and they don't have this one vote, this one electoral vote from Omaha, he ain't president. He gets to 269, he loses to Trump.

KIRK: That’s right.

BANNON: That's what's so important, it’s their best case they go to – so, walk through right now, walk through right now, what do we need to do to fix that madness in Nebraska?

KIRK: So, just to emphasize this, this gives Donald Trump a much bigger and better chance – a path to the presidency. It's a no brainer. So to the governor's credit, governor Nebraska, of Pillen, came out and he endorsed it yesterday. We led with this yesterday. Everybody in The Charlie Kirk Show audience, they started melting the phone lines. They started this massive grassroots campaign. We sent out a tweet. Five hours later, the governor of Nebraska came out and he said, if that bill comes to my desk, I'm signing it, which is a pivot, before he had not endorsed that bill. Before, he had not signaled support for that. And now we have this grassroots building movement.

So a couple of things, we need to isolate some of the members of the legislature that are digging in and that are saying they don't want this passed. This needs to be a War Room posse focus and project, and I have the names here and be super respectful, and be super nice, and we'll be doing this on our program, by the way as well, we’re going to dive really into it.

There's one person in particular that is stopping this from moving out of committee, seems like a great patriot and a great guy, Senator Raymond Aguilar. And so his information, we can find – it's all there on the screen. And Senator Rita Sanders, can you guys just show that on the screen?

So this right here is the most important thing happening in the country on the political landscape in the next couple of weeks.

On April 2, Semafor reported:

Donald Trump and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen endorsed legislation that would take Omaha’s potentially decisive electoral vote out of play for Democrats, hours after conservative activist Charlie Kirk’s Tuesday X post suggesting it.

In just 200 words, Kirk urged Republicans to repeal the state’s 1991 law that assigned two electors to the winner of the state, and one for each of its three congressional districts. Republicans easily carried Nebraska in every subsequent election, but in 2008 and 2020, the Omaha-based 2nd District voted Democratic.

“Nebraskans should call their legislators and their governor to demand their state stop pointlessly giving strength to their political enemies,” wrote Kirk.

Five hours and 10 minutes later, Pillen put out a statement supporting a bill that would convert the state to a winner-take all system in November. Donald Trump weighed in early Tuesday evening, praising Pillen’s “very smart letter” in a Truth Social post.

The district has drawn special attention from election observers this year because of the unusually high chance of it playing tiebreaker in a close race between Trump and President Biden.