Calling support for Ukraine in the House “sacrilege,” Steve Bannon says foreign aid bill is “a desecration”

Bannon says that all Republicans who supported the bipartisan effort should be “turfed out” and that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson should be pushed out

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Citation From the April 22, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): They committed sacrilege on Saturday when they brought the Ukrainian flags. They brought Ukrainian flags, Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House after Johnson and this crowd of Republicans — the 101, all the 101 ought to be turfed out.

Any of the 101 — if you look at any solace at all we had 112. We had a majority of the majority. At least we've shifted that. I know it's little compensation, but you're getting there. But we're going to hold — Johnson's got to go. Our entire week, we need — you need to call your district office and you need to put the fear of God in these people that you've had a bellyful of this. Okay? This is obscene. What happened is a desecration. It's a desecration of this republic. It's a desecration of the House. It's a desecration.

And their support of Johnson — and look, you're just going to get a caretaker. Now we've got to get a caretaker.