Steve Bannon says MAGA agenda will get an “up or down vote” in the November elections

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Citation From the February 27, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room


RACHEL MADDOW MSNBC CLIP: I don't know how the election is going to go this year. That's what one side is offering. And maybe that is what the good and great people of the United States of America truly want. But it's not just CPAC and their illustrious leadership. That's kind of just the tenor of what is on offer here. I mean, even in print, these were adjacent headlines in the Washington Post last week, Biden administration cancels $1.2 billion in student loans with new repayment plan, right next to, Trump and allies planning militarized mass deportations, comma detention camps. That's the choice, right.


STEVE BANNON (HOST): Yeah, that is the choice. That is the choice Rachel, because on one hand, it's very simple and working-class people and middle-class people can see this through this now, Rachel. Yeah, on one hand, Biden's buying votes with taxpayers' money. But for all your audience, you know, all the Taylor Swift crowd that, you know, can't pay their loans back. All these people that are sociology majors or African study majors or feminist majors, they can't pay their loans back.

So the working class people who didn't get a chance to go to college or couldn't get the loans or had to work and had to grind it through, they're supposed to pay? Yes. We want that to be a choice Rachel, you're exactly correct. We want that to be a binary choice.

We're gonna deport because, it all gets back to working-class people. We're going to deport immediately the ten million because Rachel, they're destroying, they're — well, listen to the chairman of the Federal Reserve. I know you know this, they're there to destroy and crush the wages of the working class, particularly the Black and Hispanic working class.

This is the purpose. At the same time, the Black and Hispanic working class or the white working class didn't get a shot to go to college, couldn't borrow the money. You're putting it on their shoulders to pay off these deadbeat snowflakes. That's the choice right there, Rachel, your staff gave us a perfect choice. That's a perfect — that is perfect.

And this goes back to, David Axelrod says I want to pay, we want to pay Americans to watch. I want Americans — pay them to watch. And this is the message of CPAC. We have to push this content out everywhere because 70% of the nation is here. You see the resignation.

Her quote, I don't know where this election is going to go. Behold democracy. Yes, Rachel, democracy. It's messy and it's tough and we're tough and, hey, maybe we're a little messy, but you've got to do that — and we're revolutionaries against a system Rachel. And, you know this, that's controlled by the handful of moneyed elites and that's what controls the Democratic Party. That is why with all your happy talk and some of the shiny toys you throw out for people on the left, every day they become more and more Russian serfs, and what we're proposing is quite simple, you're free men and free women and we'll give you a choice. That choice is between your continued servitude to this system, this continued servitude to this system, or to true freedom, including freedom to fail. That's what this is about and that's what we're never gonna give up. And this is what concerns you. This is the resignation in your whole manner, your spirit, you can tell, you understand we're ascended.

You also understand there's an internal logic to our argument that you cannot refute. Let me repeat that, there is an eternal logic, industrial logic to this presentation to this thinking that you cannot refute. And so you don't try to refute it. You continue to try to, you know, more shiny toys. You just walked into it.

Look at this, they're getting rid of $1.2 billion when the Supreme Court — and tell them you can't do that. They've got to do it. They've got to buy off the snowflakes. They got to tell the snowflakes who don't want to show up because you're not enough climate culture, climate cult, you're not enough drag queens and dancing in libraries right now. You're not — Biden, you're not doing enough. You're still supporting the Jews in Israel. You haven't allowed Sharia supremacism. So this is why you've got to buy them off. Let's get him the billion dollars on the backs of the working class and get a shot to do that.

We'll have an up or down vote, Rachel, just like David Axelrod. We'll have an up or down vote. Let's push out all the content of CPAC. Take the personalities away, let's push out the content, take Trump away and Bannon away and Schlapp away, all of it. Just look at the content and let's have an up or down vote on that. Let's have an up or down vote. We win overwhelmingly.