Anti-trans activist Terry Schilling: “When you change the law, you change the culture, and that's our whole strategy”

Schilling: LGBTQ issues are “a major vulnerability of the radical American left”

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Citation From the April 13, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

TERRY SCHILLING (GUEST): These are issues that people are uncomfortable talking about, right? It's weird to talk about men who are getting these types of operations and identify as a different sex. What people misunderstand is that [STREAM GLITCH] -- where we need to attack. This is where the left is so vulnerable. And that's why these hit pieces are coming out about American Principles Project calling us bigots. They want us to stop fighting on this because it is a major vulnerability of the radical American left. They want us to shut up, they want us to go away. 


You've heard this repeated nonstop. Politics is downstream of culture. That's not true. Politics is part of the culture and it's the easiest part of our culture where we can have the most immediate wins and gains when you change the law, you can affect the culture and that's our whole strategy.