Alex Jones tells Steve Bannon's War Room audience they should be “documenting everything” to prevent supposed fraud in 2022 elections

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Citation From the October 22, 2022 edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Where do you think we stand now with two and a half weeks to go because one of the reasons they're coming so hard at you and everybody else is they're in full panic mode so where do you think we stand as we run up for two weeks, a couple of weeks for November 8th?


ALEX JONES (GUEST): Now coming up in just a few weeks, it's the people will judge this regime. And you're right they are in full, complete panic mode and all the numbers show a gigantic landslide that not even their election fraud is going to be able to stop. My concern is, what will they pull, a power outage, a [INAUDIBLE] cyber attack, I don't know but definitely they're cornered rats, they've shown they're willing to do anything, we all need to be really focused, fully engaged and documenting everything.