Alex Jones praises Steve Bannon: “You have the best analysis of anybody out there”

As the House fails to find a speaker, Jones tells Bannon: “You've helped quarterback this whole thing” and “we have to make this a spectacle”

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Citation From the October 18, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEPHEN BANNON (HOST): Alex Jones, the book's amazing. We're gonna have you back on tomorrow and also the next day because I wanna go in details. This is the third in the series. I was honored to write the forward to this. Given everything's happened geopolitically, let's focus for a minute on what's the meaning of this?

We've been looking for this fight for 12 years. For the populist movement, the tea party movement, the grassroots, to cut through all the BS and get right down to it. The money and the power in Capitol Hill. You got the cardinals, what they call the cardinals or the old bulls that run appropriations and armed services.

Biden just dangled out a hundred billion dollar supplemental basically for Ukraine for these guys as an incentive to crush us. Put it in perspective what today, what this vote starting in ten minutes means, sir.

ALEX JONES (GUEST): Well, you're absolutely right. And you've helped quarterback this whole thing. And the only criticism of your show I have is that there's not more Steve Bannon.

And I said that on my show a few days ago, I said you have the best analysis of anybody out there because it's true and we should really value it. And so there's nothing I can really add other than to say you're right.

We're unmasking them. To say, oh, this is reckless or it could make the Democrats come in and they'll control who the speaker is, we'll just keep removing them. No more compromise, no more going along with these people. We have to make this a spectacle and push it out there in the open and turn on the lights, and spotlight to cockroaches. And that's what we're doing.

And we are proving that we're the populace. We're proving that we are the people that want to take this country back from the globalist power block. And so that's why this is such an exciting time to be alive.