After bipartisan majority advances foreign aid package, Steve Bannon demands voters “start changing” out Republicans who back Speaker Mike Johnson

Bannon: “You can't have a conservative party that votes with Democrats”

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Citation From the April 19, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): You see that guy right there, Dusty Johnson, from -- what, South Dakota? He's the problem. Not the sole problem, but he's part of the problem. 


What this geek -- and just look at that, you'll see, he's the personification of leadership. And this is the problem. Most of the guys up there are like this guy. That's the problem. You want to start with the problem? You got two things. You've got to back President Trump. President Trump is not perfect, but President Trump, hey, is nine billion times better than any alternative. We got to get him back in the White House and have his back. But also, you've got to start changing these guys out. 


And then you've got places like in Montana, in South Dakota, places like this throughout the country where you have this beauty, right? And he's going to sit there and give you all the happy talk. He's not going to really come in and vote hard, on hard no’s, with continuing to burying us. Or to take the hard votes you need to take and say no. We have to project strength — what does this guy know about strength?

BANNON: We should focus on removing guys like you from office, then you can start having some solutions. You can't have a conservative party that votes with Democrats. Remember, who came out on this package immediately and said he supported it, was Joe Biden. Joe Biden. This was his package. This is what's taking the floor today. 


The problem is we still have too many gutless, feckless individuals that will just go along. Johnson's whole excuse for this is that, oh, I've gotten all these intelligence briefings. And remember, Johnson wasn't the first pick of anybody. But in the end, he was a compromise candidate. When Jim Jordan took three shots, and Jim Jordan couldn't push it over the edge. And hey, I'm not so sure Jim Jordan would be that great. You're going to have to keep -- I agree with MTG. If its got to be a revolving door until you get the right person, let it be a revolving door.