Stephen Moore says he advised Trump “you’re not going to win reelection” if you extend expanded unemployment benefits

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Citation From the July 15, 2020, edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Sebastian Gorka:

STEPHEN MOORE: We cannot continue to allow people to get the $600 a week payments that are not working. 

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): Because it -- because of the incentive, it kills the incentive to go back to work. 

MOORE: Of course! Of course, four out of five workers today -- these are not my numbers, they're not inaccurate numbers, they're not your numbers, they're the Congressional Budget Office, four out of five unemployed workers are getting paid more money, Sebastian, for staying home than going to work. 

Now, first of all, that is stupid economics, obviously, but it's not fair to the people out there who are working, right? They come home from a hard day's work and the guy next door is sitting on his couch watching TV, and he's getting more money? And -- that's craziness. 

GORKA: So, so where does --so where does this stand? What is the status of this benefit right now? Is it going to be killed, Stephen Moore, or not? 

MOORE: It better. You know, I told the White House yesterday, I said, "If you do not end this, this super-unemployment benefit" -- and by the way, I don't have a problem getting -- with people getting the normal unemployment benefits --

GORKA: Right.

MOORE: -- Which is a short-term benefit, so you get back on your feet and get back in the job. I said, "If you extend this through the end of the year, as Nancy Pelosi wants to do, it's in her bill," I said "You're not going to win reelection. I think that's how important -- we figure 8 to 10 million jobs would not be filled if you do this."