Stephen Miller: “We all want to go after the big corporate media, but you have to write laws to actually go after the enemy”

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Citation From One America News' livestream of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 

MIKE DAVIS (PANELIST): We have to be smart how we fight back against the left. And right now, there is a bill working its way through the Florida legislature. It's well-intentioned. It allows — it makes it easier to sue media companies for defamation. Right? But the problem is — it sounds great. I'm all about suing CNN and the Washington Post and all the other media outlets that attack us on a daily basis. The problem is the left has more trial lawyers. They have more money. They're better at lawfare than we are right now, and they're gonna use this law in Florida to go after conservative media, Christian broadcasters, independent Hispanic media outlets who aren't leftist. That's the problem. And I want to get — let's start with Stephen Miller on this because you've been pretty vocal on this. What's your response to this Florida bill? How can we be smarter about how we fight back?


STEPHEN MILLER (PANELIST): We all want to go after the big corporate media, but you have to write laws to actually go after the enemy. Big broad neutral laws will be used to crush us. It will be used to obliterate us. Look at what New York did when they went after Donald Trump. They changed the law, which is unconstitutional by the way, to go after one man. To go after one man. If you just have a law change in Florida that says it's way easier to punish people for defamation, end of law, what the hell do you think is gonna happen? Every left-wing trial lawyer in the country is going to move to Florida and sue the hell out of every conservative influencer, podcaster, and everybody else. Write the laws so it protects your friends and harms the bad guys, otherwise, you're handing them a sword to run right through you.