On Fox Business, Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller defends his white nationalist emails

Miller: “There's nothing wrong in any of my emails, there's nothing wrong in anything I've said”

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Citation From the December 20 edition of Fox Business' Trish Regan Primetime:

TRISH REGAN (HOST): I'm going to start with the elephant in the room because the hits keep coming, the left is really doubling down on this right now, they say you are a white nationalist. Are you?

STEPHEN MILLER: Not only am I not anything of the sort, but I find the accusation to be profoundly offensive and completely outrageous, and it's an attempt on the part of the Democratic party to attack and demonize a Jewish staffer, and make no mistake, there is a deep vein of anti-Semitism that is running through today's Democratic Party.


To say to a Jewish person that you hold the very ideology that has persecuted your own family is so profoundly inappropriate. But more fundamentally --

REGAN: It’s very hurtful too. I think that there’s probably nothing worse that you can say about someone.


REGAN: You've got 25 Jewish House Democrats that just came out right now, and this just breaking, they write and I quote, that "Your documented support for white nationalists and anti- immigrant tropes is wholly unacceptable and disqualifying for a government employee."

They want you gone, they want the president to fire you. They are pointing to emails that you exchanged with a former Breitbart editor as proof. What is your response to that?

MILLER: Couple things, number one is, you won't see any of my e-mails quoted in that letter because there's nothing wrong in any of my emails, there's nothing wrong in anything I've said, unless being proud to be American and standing up for American citizens is a crime, to which today's Democratic Party, it is a crime. Being pro-American, to today's Democratic Party, is a thought crime to them.

REGAN: Are you [the Democrats’] scapegoat? Are you saying, you know, you got to get rid of Stephen Miller because he’s -- I mean they’ve got you effectively as the devil reincarnate. Really!