Colbert Mocks Fox For Attacking Obama Over A Paper Clip

On the September 14 edition of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News and the NY Post's story attacking President Obama over the paper clip used to hold together his jobs bill. After playing clips of co-hosts from Fox News' Fox & Friends and The Five attacking the paper clip, Colbert joked, “I'll tell you folks, the story of Clipgate is spreading like wildfire -- all the way from Fox News studio E to Fox News studio J.” Later, he added, “If [Obama] really believed in this bill, he should have presented it in a leather-bound volume with gold filigree and illuminated initials, so the Republicans had something presentable to dismiss before they ever look at it.”



Shockingly Petty: Fox, NY Post Attack Obama Over “Chintzy” Paper Clip