Sinclair Broadcast Group guest uses antisemitic language to attack progressive prosecutors

Heritage Foundation's Cully Stimson told National Desk anchor Jan Jeffcoat one prosecutor is a George Soros “puppet” that he “bought and paid for"

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Citation From the April 26, 2021, edition of Sinclair Broadcast Group's The National Desk

JAN JEFFCOAT (ANCHOR): In an effort to curb jail populations during COVID, many prosecutors in larger cities decided to stop prosecuting drug offenses and what they called lower-level crimes. Joining us to discuss is a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Charles “Cully" Stimson. Cully, welcome to The National Desk.


JEFFCOAT: First, let’s talk about the records of prosecutors across the country, because this is something you've been tracking. What have you found? 

STIMSON: Well, traditional independent prosecutors who started drug courts, domestic violence courts, family justice centers, etc., have created alternatives to incarceration. And those programs have -- those programs have resulted in a decrease in violent crime and all crime for the last 20 years, and decreasing jail population. So we don't have a mass incarceration problem like we used to 20 years ago. The problem is that this has nothing to do with COVID. This rogue prosecutor, or so-called “progressive prosecutor movement," started well before COVID. And the policies they put in place are pro-criminal and anti-victim. They treat the police as the criminals, and in every city where rogue prosecutors have been elected, way back to 2016, crime has shot up dramatically. Especially violent crime. And so this has nothing to do with race, this has nothing to do with right or left, or Democrat or Republican. This has to do with independent law and order programs that work, or chaos, which is what’s been happening in these rogue prosecutor cities.

STIMSON: Marilyn Mosby's not on the cutting edge, in fact she’s a follower. She’s a follower of the George Soros playbook, who’s paid for -- bought and paid for these elected DAs. Marilyn Mosby follows Rachael Rollins in Boston, who listed 15 crimes you can commit in Boston -- including breaking and entering, including possession with intent to distribute any drug, including resisting arrest -- talk about anti-police. The same with George Gascón in LA, there’s 13 crimes you can commit with impunity. Chesa Boudin in San Francisco -- he’s another George Soros puppet, bought and paid for.

By the way, 72% of the money raised by the Fairfax County DA came directly from Soros and his cutout. So these are not independent prosecutors. They’re bought and paid for by a rogue movement who are anti-victim.

JEFFCOAT: Cully Stimson with the Heritage Foundation, we certainly appreciate you joining us this morning here on The National Desk.