Sinclair Broadcast Group guest spreads skepticism of vaccinating children against COVID-19

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Citation From the July 2, 2021, edition of Sinclair Broadcast Group's The National Desk

SCOTT THUMAN (ANCHOR): Doctor, according to some new reports, Pfizer is expected to request emergency approval for children ages 5 to 11 by the fall. Some parents [are] hesitant to vaccinate their children with a vaccine that's considered new. So what are the numbers when it comes to COVID infections among younger children right now? 

DR. JEFFREY SINGER (CATO INSTITUTE): Yeah, you know, I share the concerns of parents who are hesitant on this one. In fact, I'm conflicted myself. I have grandchildren and I'm hesitant about whether or not my grandchildren should get vaccinated. We know that the age 5 to 11 group -- they have a very, very mild cases when they get it. They seem to be much less prone to get the infection or to spread it. And we're already seeing in the adolescent and teen group cases of myocarditis with the vaccination. So we have to ask ourselves, does the risk of COVID justify subjecting these very young children to the risk of vaccination? And I think that's -- obviously each parent’s going to have to make their own decision on this, but I can understand why these are very justifiable questions.