Hyman called ACLU “the Anti-American Criminal Liberties Union”

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Sinclair Broadcast Group commentator Mark Hyman referred to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as “the Anti-American Criminal Liberties Union” on the September 13 edition of “The Point.”

Hyman has previously attacked the ACLU; for example, on the March 31 edition of “The Point,” Hyman claimed: “Not unlike the Communist Chinese, the ACLU abhors individual religious freedom, and it supports only those civil liberties that fit its narrow political agenda.”

From the September 13 edition of “The Point”:

The American Criminal Liberties Union fancies itself as the protector of individual rights. The reality is the ACLU is a bunch of ambulance chasers with an extremist agenda.

Last June, the Anti-Defamation League demanded the U.S. Naval Academy cease the ecumenical prayer, one that doesn't recognize any specific religious figures, before noon meals. Midshipmen are to quietly observe as part of their development to foster religious tolerance as future Navy and Marine officers.

Now the ACLU has joined in. Like an ambulance-chasing lawyer, the ACLU has decided that it wants to sue; it just doesn't have a client. No midshipman has ever complained.

Think about it: The ACLU will sue to stop voluntary prayer by the military and it will sue, demanding the military support Muslim religious practices by terrorist detainees.

A better name is the Anti-American Criminal Liberties Union.

And that's The Point.

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