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  • Fox guest says that drag queens and LGBTQ people are grooming youth “into their unhealthy lifestyle” that includes “HIV and AIDS"

    Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum suggests that “there’s a sexualization element” to Drag Queen Story Hour and it's too "provocative"

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    Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

    Fox news anchor Martha MacCallum, whom the network touts as part of its purported “news”-side team, said “there’s a sexualization element to” Drag Queen Story Hour -- a national program of events in which drag queens read children’s books to kids at libraries, schools, and bookstores to help children “develop empathy, learn about gender diversity and difference, and tap into their own creativity." Her guest also claimed that drag queens and LGBTQ people are trying to “groom” children into an “unhealthy lifestyle,” citing HIV and AIDS.

    MacCallum’s segment is just the latest example of right-wing fearmongering about drag queens and children, which tends to subtly wink at myths that LGBTQ people harm young people or that they are sexual predators or pedophiles. Right-wing media and extreme anti-LGBTQ groups have regularly attacked Drag Queen Story Hour as part of this hateful campaign.

    Earlier this month, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham dedicated an entire podcast to spreading myths about drag queens and LGBTQ people being dangerous for children and interested in their sexualization. Ingraham and her guest compared Drag Queen Story Hour to NAMBLA and claimed LGBTQ people are interested in “lowering the age of consent.” The next day, Ingraham hosted a segment about Drag Queen Story Hour on her Fox show The Ingraham Angle. Her guest, from the extreme anti-LGBTQ group MassResistance, promoted his group’s book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality and compared the reading events to “porn actor story hour.” The book claims homosexuality is “rooted in perverted practices which defy nature and bring ill health.”

    The American Library Association has responded to these attacks by saying that in holding these events, the organization makes itself “instrumental in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society” and that its efforts involve “a commitment to combating marginalization and underrepresentation within the communities served by libraries through increased understanding of the effects of historical exclusion.”

    During the segment, MacCallum questioned whether Drag Queen Story Hour events “aim to indoctrinate and unnecessarily expose children to sexuality,” said drag queens are “very provocative,” and claimed that “there's a sexualization element to it, no matter how tame it is.” Later in the show, Kim Hall from 500 Mom Strong, a group aimed at opposing the events, said drag queens and LGBTQ people “want to groom our children into their unhealthy lifestyle,” which includes “HIV and AIDS.” On its Facebook page, 500 Mom Strong likens drag queens to people in black face and says the organization is a “group of women who have had enough with the sexualization of our children and the mockery of our femininity.” 

    From the June 24 edition of The Story With Martha MacCallum:

    MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): The events feature drag queens who sit down, in some cases, but this one is dancing, and read stories to the younger children who are 2 to 5. Supporters say that they teach diversity and acceptance, but opponents say that they aim to indoctrinate and unnecessarily expose children to sexuality. 


    If parents, you know, want to -- suppose you have a child who you think may be struggling with some of these issues, right? Then, I'm going to maybe get some of these books or, you know, figure out how to talk to my child, right? But I guess the question is, why this is appropriate at a public library, when, you know, a lot of these images and these people are very provocative. And there's a sexualization element to it, no matter how tame it is. There are enormous eye lashes, and, you know, like, outfits, and you know, there’s shoes, or, you know, huge platform shoes. And the women who are about to come on, I know, because I -- just from reading some of what they’ve said -- they think these are negative images for girls, negative images for women. That it's a mockery of femininity, and they find that difficult for girls. 


    KIM HALL (500 MOM STRONG): We couldn’t believe that this group is coming for our children now. Now they want to groom our children into their unhealthy lifestyle. And we just decided that it absolutely had to stop. I had a career where I went around the country auditing and coding medical records, all over the country, large hospitals, small rural hospitals, and I saw the effects of HIV and AIDS on young men. And it’s heartbreaking. And, by their own words, these drag queens are telling us that they are grooming our children to be drag queens and into the homosexual lifestyle.

  • Laura Ingraham hosts extreme anti-LGBTQ guest who promotes book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality

    MassResistance's Arthur Schaper also compared "Drag Queen Story Hour" to "porn actor story hour"

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    Fox News host Laura Ingraham hosted a panel on her show featuring Arthur Schaper of extreme anti-LGBTQ group MassResistance in which he promoted his group’s book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. Schaper also called drag queens “adult illicit entertainment” and compared events where drag queens read to children to “pole dancer story hour” and “porn actor story hour.”

    MassResistance’s leadership has compared LGBTQ people fighting for their rights to the Nazi propaganda machine, has said pro-LGBTQ policies are similar to Jim Crow laws, and has called homosexuality “repulsive.” The group’s book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality -- which has been “promoted and sold” at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit -- claims homosexuality is “a mental health disorder,” is “really about sodomy,” and is “rooted in perverted practices which defy nature and bring ill health.” The group made news in 2017 when it kicked off its "Countering the LGBT Agenda" conference with an interpretive rainbow flag dance.

    The Fox segment comes only a day after Ingraham dedicated an entire podcast episode to extreme anti-trans rhetoric. In it, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue said “Drag Queen Story Hour” is an attempt to sexualize children, and Ingraham claimed that teaching kids about gender identity “is about lowering the age of consent.” Ingraham has a history of hosting anti-LGBTQ guests and allowing them to push anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and misinformation.

    During the June 13 episode, Schaper called being LGBTQ “deviance” and “perverse and destructive lifestyles,” and flashed his group’s book at the end of the segment. From The Ingraham Angle:

    ARTHUR SCHAPER (MASSRESISTANCE): My name is Arthur Schaper. I’m the organization director for MassResistance. We are the international pro-family group that makes the difference. We have had parents contacting us all over the country about these perverse programs. I mean the bottom line is this: You have adult homosexual men, adult entertainers, going into a public library reading to children. I mean, that alone should not only be setting off alarms, but people should be, you know, demanding this to be canceled even before it starts. OK, we're talking -- we’re not talking about diversity here. We’re talking about deviance. We’re talking about perverse and destructive lifestyles being animated or advertised to children as if it's normal. I mean, you can just look at the website itself --

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Wait, wait. Hold on, Arthur. Are you saying that gay people can't read to kids ever? I mean, we're talking about a very specific issue with drag queens --

    SCHAPER: OK. We’re talking about --

    INGRAHAM: Right, that's what we're talking about here. So, try to keep it focused on that issue.

    SCHAPER:  We're talking about drag entertainment here, drag entertainment. This is adult illicit entertainment to put it mildly. And we’re having these entertainers reading to children? Why don’t we -- why stop there? Why not have pole dancer story hour? How about having porn actor story hour? And this is just nonsensical. This is what you want children being -- experiencing?

  • How pro-Trump media spun Trump saying he’d accept dirt from foreign governments in the 2020 election

    Conservative media claimed that Trump was just “playing,” drew a false equivalence with the Steele dossier, and attacked Hillary Clinton


    Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

    After President Donald Trump sparked outrage when he admitted in an interview that he would “listen” to any damaging information on his opponent even if it came from a foreign government, pro-Trump media quickly came to his defense.

    On June 13, ABC News host George Stephanopoulos asked Trump whether his campaign would accept, or hand over to the FBI, damaging information on his opponent if it came from a foreign source. Trump responded that “maybe” he would do both, saying, “You might want to listen. There isn’t anything wrong with listening.” Trump also pushed back on the idea that a foreign government providing information on a political opponent is election interference. He conceded that “if I thought there was something wrong, I'd go maybe to the FBI” but also asserted that “the FBI doesn’t have enough agents to take care of” what he characterized as “oppo research.” Trump also lied that he had never in his "whole life" called the FBI (he approached the FBI in the 1980s in a matter related to Atlantic City casinos).

    The president’s comments came on the same day U.S. senators questioned his son Donald Trump Jr. about his connections with Russia. At the center of the scrutiny surrounding Trump Jr. is a meeting he took in 2016 -- along with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign head Paul Manafort -- with a Kremlin-linked lawyer to discuss “dirt” on former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The details surrounding the meeting are still in question.

    As criticism of Trump’s comments poured in, pro-Trump media rushed to defend the president. Many immediately pointed to Hillary Clinton, a common scapegoat for right-wing media; others drew a false equivalency with the dossier compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele on alleged connections between Trump and the Russian government to accuse Democrats and the media of a double standard when it comes to accepting foreign assistance during the election. But in fact, while it is illegal to accept contributions from foreign nationals for political campaigns (as Trump suggested he would do), “paying a foreign national fair market value for opposition research is generally not illegal,” as former chief counsel for the Federal Election Commission Lawrence Noble told The Washington Post. “It is considered a commercial transaction, which is not a contribution.”

    Nevertheless, pro-Trump media figures still defended Trump’s recent comments, deflecting to Hillary Clinton and the Steele dossier and lambasting the media for their supposed double standards:

    • On her prime-time show, Fox host Laura Ingraham said that it “seems like he’s playing.” She then referenced Trump’s 2016 comments during a campaign rally when he asked Russia to find dirt on Clinton, framing the comments as “obviously a Trump joke.” Ingraham and Her guest Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, said that the interview showed “you shouldn’t ever talk to George Stephanopoulos.”

    • On Fox & Friends, Fox host Sean Hannity cheered Trump’s comments as “the greatest set-up that Donald Trump has ever made” because he angered the “media mob.” He then drew a false equivalency, saying that “if you’re outraged in the media” about Trump’s comments, “how could you not be outraged Hillary Clinton literally empowered a foreign agent who produced a dossier for the Russian lies,” referring to the Steele dossier.

    • On his prime-time show the night before, Hannity had defended Trump’s comments, asserting that if offered campaign dirt, “you might want to listen.” He then claimed that “listening is much different than … lying, spying, and paying for Russian lies,” criticizing Clinton and chastising the media for not being more outraged at her.

    • On Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy claimed “there is so much oppo research floating around Washington, D.C. Perhaps that’s what the president’s talking about.”

    • Fellow Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt dismissed the notion that Trump should report foreign assistance to the FBI, asking “What’s the FBI going to do?” Earhardt concluded that the FBI’s response would be along the lines of “you’re crazy.”

    • On America’s Newsroom, Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz claimed that “fake outrage from the left and the media is part of a pattern.” He pivoted to criticizing the media for not showing any outrage about former President Bill Clinton’s paid speeches when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

    • On Special Report with Bret Baier, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway responded to Trump’s comments by pointing to Clinton, asserting that she “took information from a foreign government.” She claimed that “if this is a huge problem,” then Stephanopoulos “should be asking” Clinton and the DNC about the Steele dossier. She also said the media should be asking, “Why they created this hoax conspiracy theory.”

    • On Fox Business, The Washington TimesCharles Hurt conceded that Trump’s comments were not good, but he urged people to first “think about what he has been through for the past three years.” Hurt also attacked Clinton over the Steele dossier and concluded that Trump is “in fighting mode” so “of course he’s going to say that.”

    • Fox host Mark Levin tweeted: “Uh, remember the dossier?” Levin then criticized the media -- calling them “these clowns” -- for being “appalled by Trump’s answer.”

    • Far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec wrote that his “favorite part of the exchange was when ABC asked Trump about receiving intel from foreigners and he responded: Everyone in Congress does it #BloodMoney”

    • Media Research Center’s NewsBusters: “It's absolutely amazing how many liberals can't recall that Hillary Clinton paid a foreign operative to get foreign dirt on Donald Trump. They think they're the most intelligent ones.”

    • Right-wing blog RedState sarcastically compared Trump’s comments to the Steele dossier: “Democrats are Apoplectic That Trump Would Listen To A Foreigner With Dirt On An Opponent.” The blog post calling media reaction “extraordinary,” “considering that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid $12 million to a foreigner to not only dig up dirt on candidate Donald Trump, but to disseminate it among the Washington political community, the Intelligence agencies and then to the media.”

    • Right-wing troll Kurt Schlichter claimed, “I don’t accept that something is a crime only if it applies to my side.” He also wrote that the left decided that foreign election interference “is not a crime, so it is not a crime,” apparently referring to the Steele dossier, and said, “You might call this whataboutism. But my whataboutism is a moral necessity.”

    • Wash. Examiner correspondent Byron York attacked Politico for being “duly shocked, appalled by Trump foreign oppo research comment.” York misleadingly claimed that the same thing is “done by pros! On Nexis! Steele dossier seems to have slipped the mind.”

    • Daily Caller reporter Scott Morefield compared Trump’s affirmative openness to taking “foreign-obtained dirt” to Schiff being pranked by Russian radio hosts.

    • Conservative commentator Harlan Hill accused Democrats of “LYING THROUGH THEIR DAMN TEETH.” Hill’s comment was addressed at “any democrat saying they'd refuse to use oppo dropped on their doorstep regarding an opponent -- simply [because] they didn't like who dropped the oppo on their doorstep.” Hill also tweeted, “Democrats loved foreign interference in American elections when we were talking about the Anti-Trump Steele Dossier, a FAKE produced by a Brit and sourced by the Russians.”

  • Laura Ingraham dedicated a podcast episode to extreme anti-trans rhetoric and misinformation

    Ingraham said teaching about gender identity "is about lowering the age of consent," and her guests called LGBTQ people "mentally ill" and compared Drag Queen Story Hour to NAMBLA

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    Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

    Correction (6/14/19): The graphic accompanying this piece originally had an image of Phil Donahue rather than Bill Donohue. Phil Donahue was not featured in this podcast.

    Fox News’ Laura Ingraham dedicated an entire podcast to transgender issues and gender identity, and in it she and several guests used extreme anti-LGBTQ rhetoric -- including saying advocates are trying to lower the age of consent for children -- and misinformed her audience about trans people.

    Ingraham has pushed anti-trans misinformation and opposed trans folks for years on her podcast, radio show, and her Fox News show The Ingraham Angle. For example, she has suggested people would wear diapers rather than share bathrooms with transgender people and said she wouldn’t let her daughter use trans-inclusive restrooms by herself.

    Here are some of the worst anti-LGBTQ lies and comments that Ingraham and her guests pushed on the June 12 edition of The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

    Ingraham’s guest Bill Donohue of the Catholic League compared “Drag Queen Story Hour” to NAMBLA and said it’s an attempt to sexualize children. In discussing “Drag Queen Story Hour” events at public libraries, Donohue brought up the North American Man Boy Love Association, claiming that NAMBLA -- which he said “believes ‘if he’s 8, he’s too late’” -- organizes at public libraries, so it’s is “not a great leap” from the Drag Queen Story Hour events. He also referred to trans youth -- and teaching young people about gender identity -- as “an assault on nature and on nature’s God.” Oponents of LGBTQ inclusion have worked for years to smear LGBTQ people by associating them with pedophiles. In fact, right-wing media and anti-LGBTQ groups have regularly circulated the myth that the LGBTQ community is accepting pedophilia into the community and expanding the acronym to “LGBTP.”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): There's a piece in National Review by Madeleine Kearns about this little boy, and the title is “‘Desmond Is Amazing’ Needs Saving,” about this little boy and what's happened to our youth, their innocence -- before puberty, even, trying to change kids’ understanding of just -- or, you know, basic concepts, or sexualize them and destroy their innocence. What's happening here?

    BILL DONOHUE (PRESIDENT, CATHOLIC LEAGUE): Well, this is child abuse. Let's call it for what it is, and the people behind this -- I want to make it clear -- the average gay person is probably no more interested in this than the average straight person.

    And you know, I haven't got enough gays in this country, if they lined up single file, to pull this kind of eroticization of our society together. No, you couldn't do it without the help of an awful lot of straight people.

    Almost all of them are straight people. They may be guided by gay activists, and there’s a difference between a gay activist and a person who’s not an activist, obviously, and those are the ones that I'm talking about. But this is an attempt, basically it’s an assault on nature and on nature’s God.


    INGRAHAM: Well, I think when you look at this new, you know, again -- contrived controversy, and it started as a group of activists in San Francisco in 2015, who decided “How do we sell this gender fluidity concept, and get publicity, and grow this movement?” They grow it by starting this Drag Queen Story Hour organization in San Francisco in 2015, happens to coincide with the rise of Donald Trump.

    They start this organization, and then they export it across the United States, and get all these liberal reporters to write pieces about these intolerant Christian conservatives and Catholic groups who are expressing outrage that even the public libraries are turning into these little political and social transformation instruments.

    DONOHUE: Well, a number of years ago, I wrote about the public libraries hosting NAMBLA -- that's right, the North American Man Boy Love Association, which believes “If he's 8, he's too late.”

    And they're organized with one purpose, to sexually molest little boys and girls, mostly boys. And they are -- they organize and meet for the purpose of molesting kids in public libraries, at public expense, and defended by the American Civil Liberties Union. So, it's not -- it's not a great leap.

    Ingraham echoed Donohue and claimed that teaching kids about gender identity “is about lowering the age of consent” and preventing people from saying that “children can’t have sexual intercourse.”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): They need the kids, though, don’t they? They need the kids. Without indoctrinating children on a whole variety of issues, whether it’s abortion, or any of these other issues. Without that, the movement kind of dies out. So, they need the kids. They need to turn the kids into their own little community organizers, activists, across the board on a whole host of issues, and this is just one of the more, I think, potentially destructive issues, which is trying to get little children sexualized. So, they become sexual beings, and I think a lot of this is geared toward lowering the age of consent for children, too.

    In other words, if you can change your gender and say, I’m changing my gender at age 7, why couldn’t you say -- well, who are you to say children can’t have sexual intercourse? You see what I’m saying? Like, if you can as a child make a decision that would lead to perhaps permanently altering your existence as, you know, as someone who can reproduce or your body, or -- if that’s the case, then why can’t you do what you want with your body? Including have sex.

    Ingraham and Donohue said that being gay and being transgender are no longer classified as mental illnesses because of “pressure politics.” Donohue also claimed being transgender is a mental illness and called trans issues a “perverse understanding of sexuality.” Ingraham has previously said that "the Hollywood deal" is why "transgenderism" is no longer "called a mental condition." Major medical organizations such as the World Health Association, American Psychiatric Association, and American Psychological Association do not consider being gay or trans a mental illness and support full equality for LGBTQ people.

    BILL DONOHUE (PRESIDENT, CATHOLIC LEAGUE): They’re trying to teach these kids that a boy can become a girl. And so Sally can become Sam, and Sam can become Sally. As Dr. [Paul] McHugh’s pointed out, as you mentioned him before, these people are mentally ill. That is his considered judgement after dealing with this for decades. And we ought to treat these people, treat them as human beings for the maladies that they suffer from and not try to proselytize on this. And then when people rightly object as parents -- that I don’t want my kid subjected to this indoctrination, this kind of perverse understanding of sexuality -- then we’re called intolerant. Yet they’re the ones trying to shove their radical secular agenda down the throats of people.

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Yeah, I’m looking at the American Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual -- the DSM, it’s called -- and they have the diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria and transexualism, gender identity disorder, and so forth. There’s been a lot of political pressure put on the psychiatric community to destigmatize these, you know, these what they called maladies. And to say this is not -- no, this is not a condition. This is not a psychiatric condition. This is just a state of being. So they’re under pressure and have been.


    DONOHUE: This actually began around 1970. It was 1973, the American Psychological Association decided that homosexuality was not a mental illness. And that's fine if they want to come to that conclusion based on scientific evidence. But starting three years before that around 1970, gay activists showed up at the convention, the American Psychological Association, every year to indimidate, and call them Nazis, and got the home phone numbers and addresses. This was all pressure politics coming from the left. There was no scientific evidence to suggest that they should change the diagnostic statistical manual whatsoever. And they did so. They caved in out of intimidation. This has pretty well been recounted. And now of course you’ve got the psychiatric community on board as well.

    Another of Ingraham's guests, Walt Heyer, lied that “between three and 15 years after they transition, sometimes 20 years,” transgender people “regret it deeply.” In fact, while a small number of trans folks detransition, widespread “transition regret” is an exaggeration, and the vast majority of trans people remain trans. Additionally, the steps that trans or gender-nonconforming youth take to transition are largely reversable in the rare event that the child determines they are not trans, and the mental health benefits of gender-affirming interventions “usually outweigh the risks.” Narratives about detransitioning are often pushed by right-wing and evangelical media to undermine the affirmation and inclusion of trans folks. Right-wing media and extreme anti-LGBTQ groups have also pushed the myth that trans identity is a social contagion, influenced by peer groups and media.

    Heyer identifies as “a former transgender” and holds extreme, discredited views about LGBTQ people. He is frequently featured in right-wing media to undermine the existence of trans people and oppose affirming care for them. Furthermore, extreme anti-LGBTQ groups often highlight Heyer as part of their anti-trans advocacy, using his existence to suggest that transgender people can simply quit being trans.

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): There really seems to be a building consensus solidified in the popular culture and the mainstream media that these types of quote “reassignment surgeries and gender blockers” for children, that they’re fine, no problem, and it’s just a logical choice for kids who are, who, you know, feel like they’re not in the right bodies. What is your experience, and how can you inform us with it?

    WALT HEYER (GUEST): Yeah. Working with the people, Laura -- thanks for having me on. Working with the people who have been through this of all ages, what we find is that somewhere between three and 15 years after they transition, sometimes 20 years, they find that it’s not what they thought it was going to be. They regret it deeply. They found that their body has been transformed beyond repair. They become even more deeply depressed after than they were before.

    And, so what we’re really dealing with, Laura, is what we call a social contagion. This is exploding, as you pointed out, only because other people are doing it.

    Ingraham invoked right-wing psychiatrist Paul McHugh and cited his quote calling trans people “counterfeits or impersonators.” McHugh, a Johns Hopkins University professor, has peddled anti-trans myths and junk science for years after derailing a pioneering gender identity program at his university due to extreme views about LGBTQ people. Additionally, his fellow colleagues at Hopkins have disavowed one of his reports, saying that it “mischaracterizes the current state of the science on sexuality and gender.”

    Nevertheless, evangelical and right-wing media and extreme anti-LGBTQ groups rely heavily on McHugh as a “leading researcher.”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Paul McHugh, who is the leading researcher at Johns Hopkins on, and has been for decades, on this gender fluidity movement, the medical research behind it. Sex reassignment, this idea of sex reassignment, it doesn’t work. It’s impossible to reassign someone’s sex physically, and attempting to do so doesn’t produce good outcomes psychosocially.

    But McHugh is the distinguished service professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, and he said, “Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All, including people like Bruce Jenner, become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits, or impersonators of the sex with which they quote, ‘idenitify.’ In that lies their problematic future.” And that’s where you get the psychological problems.

    DONOHUE: You know, I have a chapter called “Sex Equality” in the new book called Common Sense Catholicism, and I address this issue.

    INGRAHAM: Oh, great.

    DONOHUE: And in fact, I mention Jenner, and I said, “He can’t menstruate.” OK, can people get that through their head? He can’t menstruate. He will never be a woman. He will always be a male. You can’t change your chromosomal makeup. I mean, this is madness on stilts.

    Additional research by Kayla Gogarty

  • The DHS watchdog reported disturbing conditions at its detention centers. Fox News spent months describing them as humane. 

    The new report shows that immigrants in detention centers are facing "unsafe and unhealthy conditions," including "dilapidated and moldy" bathrooms and raw food contamination

    Blog ››› ››› COURTNEY HAGLE

    Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

    On June 3, the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security released a report raising concerns about the treatment and care of migrants in DHS facilities. For the past year, Fox News figures have been defending the agencies involved in that care as well as the facilities.

    The inspector general’s office and other groups have raised concerns about unsafe conditions in detention centers in the past, and the report details inspections of four facilities in California, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Colorado where immigrants face “unsafe and unhealthy conditions” in violation of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) standards. Some issues include expired food, raw food contamination, moldy or dilapidated bathrooms, and segregation practices that violate standards and “infringe on detainee rights.”

    News outlets have also reported that solitary confinement is misused at various facilities, that ICE has deported former service members inappropriately, and that doctors have concerns about DHS practices and the conditions under which it keeps undocumented patients, including “shackling patients to beds and not permitting them to use restrooms.” Additionally, 24 immigrants have died in ICE custody during the Trump administration. Over the weekend, it was also reported that acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan has called for Congress to change the asylum law so migrant families can be detained for longer than 20 days while their claims are being processed.

    While some argue that these problems result from a lack of congressional funding, over the past 24 years, the amount of money spent on border security has increased 14 times. Immigrants’ rights groups like the National Immigrant Justice Center have also expressed concern over giving DHS more funding unconditionally; Executive Director Mary Meg McCarthy said she fears calls to give more money to shelters are “another ploy to secure tax dollars to lock people up.” The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has also said that it opposes “sending Trump even one more dollar for the border without a slew of strict conditions.” Psychologists have also raised awareness about the “high rates of serious long-term psychiatric and physical symptoms” students held in migrant detention centers face, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and developmental and behavioral regressions.

    Despite the red flags that have been repeatedly raised about the treatment of migrants by DHS, ICE, and Customs and Border Patrol, Fox News has remained a strong defender of the agencies:

    On her show, Fox host Laura Ingraham said that while “it’s sad when your family gets separated” at the border, “there’s only so much of the love you can spread around.” [Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, 7/2/18]

    Ingraham claimed detention centers holding migrant children separated from their parents are “essentially summer camps” or “basically boarding schools.” She chided critics of these detention centers as “seiz[ing] on the separated children and turn[ing] the entire image into a political weapon.” [Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, 6/18/18]

    Former Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan said the agency “should be applauded” for its policy of housing children in cages. He insisted that “those cages” are “designed that way” for “the safety and security of the people that are in there.” [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/4/19]

    On Fox & Friends, Morgan again argued about the description of the facilities as cages, insisting that they are just “chain link fence” for “safety and security.” He said criticisms of children being held in cages are “totally a false narrative” and “a talking point for the Democrats.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends3/7/19]

    Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt claimed that “you can’t even really blame an administration” for the policy of separating parents from children at the border. In April 2018, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a "zero-tolerance policy," which caused the separation of children from their parents at the border. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/19/18; Politico, 5/7/18]

    Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy chided those who “have referred to them as ‘cages,’” telling viewers to “keep in mind, this is a great big warehouse facility where they built walls out of chain link fences.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/18/18

    On The Ingraham Angle, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich claimed that people who compare child detention centers to concentration camps “despise and hate the United States.” He also said, “It’s really disturbing to have people on the left who hate their own country so much that they would use this kind of language.” [Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, 6/19/18]

    On Fox & Friends, Fox regular Mark Krikorian asserted that detention centers “are not dog kennels” because “they’ve got cable from Central America.” He also claimed that while it’s not “the greatest thing in the world,” it “might actually be better than Honduras, where they’re coming from.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 5/31/18]

    Commenting on the Trump administration's policy of separating children from their families, Fox host Jesse Watters said that “some would say it’s a more humane policy” than keeping them together. [Fox News, The Five, 5/29/18]

    On Fox & Friends, Homan attacked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for pointing out ICE abuses. Homan insisted that Ocasio-Cortez “needs to do her homework,” claiming that “every time she opens her mouth, she’s wrong.” He asserted that “she ought to be saying thank you” to ICE agents instead of criticizing them. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 1/9/19]

    On Fox & Friends, guest co-host Pete Hegseth accused migrants of “child exploitation.” He elaborated that “the blame goes on the parents for putting these kids at risk” and praised “what our agents are doing” as “incredibly humane and incredibly difficult.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 5/31/19]

    While discussing the death of a migrant child from Guatemala, frequent Fox guest Brandon Judd said that “we’re going to continue to see these issues” if Congress doesn’t “give us the funding we need,” referring to Border Patrol. [Fox News, America’s Newsroom, 5/22/19]

    On Outnumbered, Fox contributor Katie Pavlich agreed that some of CBP’s detention policies are “not humane,” but she claimed that “this is the only choice” the agency has. [Fox News, Outnumbered, 3/29/19]

  • Officials debunked far-right rumors of Ebola among refugees. Laura Ingraham fearmongered about it the night before.

    Blog ››› ››› JASON CAMPBELL

    On the June 10 edition of Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham claimed that newly arrived migrants from the Congo may be carrying the Ebola virus. Ingraham read a response from San Antonio officials explaining why the claim would be impossible, but then went on to ask, “Why would we even put that to chance?”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Now, did you know that in the month of May, Border Patrol arrested more than 132,000 people trying to crash our border? And in the first two weeks of June, more than 500 Africans have been arrested trying to sneak into the country as well. That's kind of new.

    Now, hundreds of illegals from the Congo apparently are applying for asylum and being deposited in San Antonio.

    Now, this could clearly be a public health concern. Why? Well, according to Reuters, the number of cases of Ebola in eastern Congo has passed 2,000, government figures showed, as the rate of new cases tripled and containment efforts faltered in the remote, unstable region.

    Now, the city of San Antonio got back to The Ingraham Angle tonight and said, for them, Ebola they don't believe is a concern. Why?

    Well, they say the incubation period is 21 days for that disease, and that they believe these folks have been outside their country for six to seven months -- but, I don't know, why would we even put that to chance?

    I'm not sure we're really tracking the travel patterns of everybody coming into the country, but they're telling us, "Don't worry tonight. It's OK."

    On Tuesday, Texas health officials formally rebuked the claims, with Colleen Bridger, the interim assistant city manager and director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, calling it “patently false.”

    Buzzfeed News reported that officials moved to act after the debunked rumor was spread by far-right conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones' Infowars and Gateway Pundit. Similar to Ingraham, an Infowars employee made patently false suggestions about the incubation period of Ebola:

    An Infowars reporter also went to a temporary immigrant shelter set up in San Antonio to follow up on rumors about the virus. The reporter turned on their camera inside the shelter, against a request of those running the center, and was removed after getting into a "kerfuffle," Bridger said.

    The Infowars reporter questioned Bridger on camera and suggested that immigrants could carry the Ebola virus for months on their person without becoming infected themselves or displaying any signs of the disease, which she explained was not possible.

    The incubation period for the virus is 21 days, Bridger said, and most of the people traveling from Central Africa have been traveling for months through South America after leaving Africa.

    "Someone with the virus would develop symptoms of that disease within 21 days of that exposure," she said in the press conference. "So if you do the math and think of the fact that they left their country many, many months ago, there's no possibility that these individuals are bringing Ebola into our country."

    Brian Kolfage, who is leading an effort to crowdfund a private wall on the Mexican border and who has previously been on Ingraham's show, recently spread the rumor as well, before DHS debunked it.

    This is not the first time Ingraham has spread disinformation regarding the health of migrants entering the United States, previously speculating that migrant caravans posed a health risk and were carrying disease. This nativist fearmongering is not limited to the opinion side of Fox either: In May, Fox correspondent Griff Jenkins talked on air about "rumors" of Ebola among migrants, earning plaudits from Fox host Steve Doocy.

  • Two of Fox News’ most vitriolic hosts just lost a major advertiser: Bayer

    Blog ››› ››› JORDAN UHL

    Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

    The multinational pharmaceutical company Bayer has dropped Tucker Carlson’s and Laura Ingraham’s Fox News prime-time shows, Judd Legum reported in his Popular Info newsletter.

    Bayer’s departure is a devastating blow to Fox News since the company served as a ballast for the struggling and toxic prime-time hosts. The company advertised nearly 180 times on Ingraham’s program so far this year, making it the show’s second most frequent advertiser year-to-date, behind only Sandals Resorts, per a Media Matters review. Bayer was the fifth most frequent advertiser on Carlson’s show during the same timespan, despite a brief advertising hiatus after Media Matters unearthed audio of Carlson making misogynistic, perverted, homophobic, and racist comments on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show.

    Both hosts have been a drain on Fox’s ad revenue, with their extreme rhetoric driving away sponsors and leading to lighter ad loads during the shows. In response, Fox ad executives have pivoted toward promoting the network’s “news” division, but a Media Matters investigation found that the "news”-side hosts are just cogs in the same propaganda machine. In the report, Media Matters documented examples of the "news" division spreading misinformation on air every single day between January 1 and April 30.

    The multinational pharmaceutical company’s decision to drop these toxic prime-time shows was spurred by recent incidents in which Carlson used white nationalist rhetoric and Ingraham defended an open white supremacist. And it was largely driven by public scrutiny by reporters like Judd Legum, pressure from groups like Sleeping Giants and participants the #DropFox campaign.

    Ingraham’s defense of white supremacist Paul Nehlen led the photo service Fracture to publicly rebuke her rhetoric and commit to no longer advertising on her program. After Fracture pulled its ads from Ingraham’s show, Fox News tried to gaslight its way out of further fallout from the advertisers, releasing a statement that unconscionably claimed Ingraham wasn’t actually defending Nehlen.

    Advertisers beware: Fox News is racist, bigoted, sexist, toxic, and bad for business. To learn more, visit

  • The hate, lies, and misinformation of Laura Ingraham


    Laura Ingraham has a long history of spreading hate speech, from her prime-time Fox News show, former radio show, and, now, new podcast. Ingraham has made scores of racist and anti-immigrant statements, including echoing white supremacists. On numerous occasions, she has propagated the popular white nationalist “replacement theory,” wherein non-white citizens “replace” white citizens. More recently, Ingraham came under fire for defending white nationalist Paul Nehlen. In the past, advertisers have fled from her show after Ingraham mocked a Parkland school shooting survivor and when she attacked the concept of diversity, saying, “Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like.”

  • Fox News zeroes in on a new target: the homeless

    Ahead of 2020, Fox News dehumanizes the homeless in an attempt to boost Republicans

    Blog ››› ››› COURTNEY HAGLE

    Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

    Fox News has recently increased coverage of the problem of homelessness in America’s cities, using the issue as an excuse to chastise Democratic politicians and criticize proposals aimed at helping undocumented immigrants.

    The network has painted a grim picture of American cities as “almost Third World in their decay,” facing “a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization,” and filled with “drugged-out zombies chasing barefooted babies.” Fox has largely focused on the issue in cities on the West Coast -- mostly focusing on cities in liberal California, with a few segments on Denver; Seattle; and Portland and Eugene, OR. Every city Fox highlighted has at least one thing in common: Democratic leaders. And the problem Fox identified in each city is more or less the same -- the Democratic leaders and their “rich friends” prefer to push “social justice initiatives,” “socialist solutions,” and “liberal compassion” instead of properly addressing mental illness or engaging in punitive crackdowns on homelessness (Fox's preference). One Fox host even suggested the solution in Los Angeles is to “bulldoze the 50-block radius” and “institutionalize everybody.”

    Despite the attention Fox has been paying to the issue, the network has been silent about the Trump administration’s lack of serious interest in tackling America’s homelessness crisis. President Donald Trump’s White House “has twice proposed eliminating the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, which coordinates efforts among more than a dozen federal agencies.” He has also proposed additional work requirements for federal housing aid and food stamps, and Trump’s tax reform bill “weakened the low-income tax credit, which is the primary tool we have to promote affordable housing.”

    Instead, Fox hosts, anchors, and guests have repeatedly used degrading and dehumanizing terms to describe the homelessness problem and thus to attack Democratic politicians such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Some Fox figures have tried to suggest that the real victims of homelessness are not homeless people themselves, but the “normal people” who are confronted with the problem in public parks and libraries. Others have tried to contrast the issue with unrelated Democratic proposals to provide resources for undocumented immigrants, implying that it’s not fair to allocate resources to other marginalized people while homelessness still persists. One Fox guest discussing homelessness in Los Angeles claimed that Democrats “want to take that nationwide in 2020 with this presidential election,” and another said that LA’s homelessness is “a template of what the Democrats want to continue.”

    It is clear that Fox plans to make this topic a part of its strategy ahead of 2020 by using the real and serious problem of homelessness to demonize Democrats and fearmonger about socialism. Below is a rundown of some of the network’s recent attacks:

    Hannity began an April 3 segment about crime and homelessness by saying that “liberal cities all across the country” are in a “growing huge crisis as a result of failed policies implemented by the Democratic leaders.Hannity stressed that these cities have “one commonality” -- “This is happening in big cities where they have massive amounts of taxation.” His guest Pam Bondi claimed that “Democrats abandoned our inner cities, our most vulnerable populations, a long time ago when they started talking about a centralized government, their socialist solutions,” warning that “they want to take that nationwide in 2020 with this presidential election.” Fox contributor Mike Huckabee said that the problem of homelessness in Los Angeles and other cities “is Third World stuff,” pointing to “rat infestation” and “bubonic plague.” Hannity repeated that there is homelessness “a mile from Nancy Pelosi’s, you know, gated community,” asking why “she can’t raise money from all those rich San Francisco liberals that she lives next to.” Huckabee agreed, stressing the “hypocrisy of liberalism, the insanity of liberalism” and adding that “this is a discussion about whether or not we're going to survive as a civilization if we keep going in this direction.” [Fox News, Hannity, 6/3/19]

    On The Five, co-host Jesse Watters described homeless people in Los Angeles as “drugged-out zombies chasing barefooted babies through piles of garbage with hypodermic needles and fire everywhere.” He then claimed that “you only have one solution” to homelessness in the city: “You bulldoze the 50-block radius and you institutionalize everybody and detoxify them, and then you let them out.” [Fox News, The Five, 6/3/19]

    On Fox & Friends, co-host Ainsley Earhardt introduced “shocking photos" that "show just how bad the conditions are getting in downtown Los Angeles.” Guest Jim Breslow complained that he has to deal with homelessness in his community, “which is an affluent community.” The chyron during the segment read “LA plagued with trash, rats, and typhoid fever.” The segment ended with Breslow criticizing California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom for appearing “to be more focused on global issues” before praising Trump’s “America First” agenda. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/3/19]

    On The Ingraham Angle, guest Dr. Drew Pinsky described Los Angeles’ homelessness and its related health issues as “a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization.” Pinsky fearmongered that he is “hearing from experts that bubonic plague is likely -- it’s already here.” He described the situation as “medieval” and said “Third World countries are insulted if they are accused of being like [Los Angeles].” Host Laura Ingraham used Los Angeles’ homelessness to fearmonger about undocumented immigrants. [Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, 5/30/19]

    On his prime-time Fox show, Sean Hannity aired a segment in which Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones spoke to people in Portland, OR, about homelessness. Hannity used the segment to attack liberal politicians in other West Coast cities, pointing to the “beautiful, walled, gated community of Nancy Pelosi.” His guest, Pam Bondi, chastised Pelosi “and all her rich friends” for not doing more to address mental health and drug problems in San Francisco, such as building more shelters and public bathroom facilities. His other guest, Emily Compagno, complained that the “compassionate approach” to homelessness is “paralyzing these cities” and “wasting our tax dollars.” Compagno added that "the sufferers are not only those homeless" but also "the constituents whose tax dollars are being absolutely wasted." [Fox News, Hannity, 5/30/19]

    On Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade criticized Pelosi for contributing to the “homeless capital of the world, where drugs run rampant.” Jones chimed in that there are “needles all over the ground,” and Kilmeade added that San Francisco “basically ha[s] a sewer for a sidewalk.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 5/29/19]

    In a “straight news” report on America’s Newsroom, correspondent Dan Springer described a “social justice initiative” in Seattle that requires “every department of city government look at how their policies affect the poor and people of color.” He claimed that “critics say it’s simply led to people skating justice,” pointing to Seattle’s homelessness problem. Springer said that “one likely reason” for the city’s large homeless population is because “Seattle doesn’t enforce its anti-camping law, so there are thousands of people living in tents, many of them addicted to drugs, which are often used in public.” He said that because prosecutors “won’t charge people with possession of less than a gram” of drugs, there is “no fear of jail time” and people are “not going to get hauled into court for getting caught not paying a bus fare and then not paying the fine” -- a policy that he admitted disproportionately hurt minorities and poorer people. [Fox News, America’s Newsroom, 5/24/19]

    On America’s Newsroom, a panel discussed a New York Times opinion piece on homelessness. Daily Caller News Foundation Editor-in-Chief Chris Bedford claimed Seattle’s homelessness problem is because “the police are not enforcing the laws.” Fox Business host Cheryl Casone said that in San Francisco, she was “appalled to find out they were actually giving out checks to the homeless there,” adding, “That’s a liberal policy that has obviously failed that city.” [Fox News, America’s Newsroom, 5/23/19; The New York Times, 5/22/19]

    While discussing health care on Fox & Friends, Kilmeade and Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren pitted homeless people in California against undocumented immigrants. Kilmeade told Lahren that he “hear[s] there’s a massive homeless issue in California,” but the state’s population is “making a choice” by saying that “illegals are more important than the people on the streets who obviously need medical attention.” Lahren pointed to “veterans dying on VA waiting lists” and said, “But yet, they’re arguing over how much more they want to spend on illegal immigrants. It’s absolutely infuriating.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 5/22/19]

    On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Dobbs said that undocumented immigrants “should be thrilled” because “they are getting more benefits in many cases than destitute Americans.” His guest Michael Goodwin asked, “Where is the compassion for the Americans?” adding, “This is very much why Donald Trump won in 2016 -- the same dynamics of people putting other countries first.” [Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 5/21/19]

    On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson aired a five-day series titled “Homeless in America,” in which his producer Charles Cougar went on an eight-day trip to visit seven cities in America. On May 16, Carlson discussed a Wall Street Journal article about homeless people living on boats in San Francisco, “and not quaint boats” or “yachts,” but “a ragtag flotilla.” He then turned to a segment about homelessness in Eugene, OR, where Cougar complained that while he was out to get breakfast at an "upscale bakery," he saw a “homeless man rifling through a trash can." He claimed Eugene’s “permissive cultura, its temperate climate, and generous social services attract vagrants and addicts from around the country.” The segment also showed b-roll footage of unsuspecting homeless people in Oregon and Carlson described citizens who are not homeless as “victims” of homelessness. [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/16/19; Wall Street Journal, 5/16/19]

    On May 15, Carlson argued homelessness is the result of liberal leaders backing off prosecuting petty crime and described Seattle as “a kind of mecca for drug addicts.” Carlson shared “a video of a man passed out in a popular park,” a picture of “urine on a public staircase near City Hall,” and another picture of “human waste a few steps above that.” He claims this is because Seattle’s leaders have become “more lenient on petty crime” and that “because of their liberal attitudes and the mild climate, the city is a magnet for vagrants.” [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/15/19]

    On May 14, Carlson began his segment by saying that “California has more homeless than any other state,” but state leaders “don’t seem to care.” He berated the “leaders of the state of California” for not doing more to curb “this horrifying problem” of homelessness. He blamed California’s “strict building codes and environmental regulations” for the state’s homeless problem. [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/14/19]

    On May 13, Carlson described the situation in cities “across the West” as being “almost Third World in their decay and disorganization and the chaos.”  His series began with San Francisco, describing its “flourishing drug scene” before airing footage of homeless people, including “junkies shooting up in broad daylight and homeless people wielding makeshift knives.” [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/13/19]

    On Hannity, Hannity claimed that “liberal cities are in a major crisis” and framed the homelessness issue as “liberal compassion in action.” Hannity emphasized the homelessness “within walking distance to Pelosi’s home and her office.” Like others on Fox, his guest Pam Bondi blamed San Francisco’s homelessness problem on city leaders’ decision not to prosecute petty crimes. Bondi and Hannity’s other guest, radio host Larry Elder, agreed that nonprofits and charity groups are best equipped to deal with homelessness, “not the government.” [Fox News, Hannity, 5/13/19]

    On The Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham complained of “hundreds of thousands of homeless on the street, including too many just a couple of blocks from where we broadcast,” to criticize Democratic plans to provide health care for undocumented immigrants who pay taxes. [Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, 5/13/19]

    On The Ingraham Angle, a chyron during a segment on homelessness claimed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is “tackl[ing] homelessness with murals.” Guest Shirley Husar called Garcetti a “joke” and pointed to mental illness and diseases in homeless populations. She claimed that in terms of its approach to homelessness, Los Angeles is “a template of what the Democrats want to continue to further." [Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, 5/9/19]

    On Fox & Friends, Trump 2020 campaign advisory board member Jason Meister criticized liberal cities for struggling to sell real estate. Meister began by pointing out that what all these cities have in common is that they “are run by Democrats.” Meister claimed that “the economic and policy environment right now in New York City, run by incompetent leadership like Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo,” is “forcing high net-worth individuals who create the jobs” out of the city, increasing homelessness. Doocy also pointed to the fact that the three cities mentioned in the segment -- San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. -- are “sanctuary cities”; his guest agreed that it “adds to that environment” that is “anti-business, anti-success, anti-wealth, anti-job creation.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 5/1/19]

    On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson complained that homeless people are “blocking sidewalks [and] filling parks inside of what were once America’s most beautiful cities.” He claimed that homelessness is preventing families from going to parks in these cities, pointing to Denver as his example. He said Denver is “not yet world famous for its homelessness problem, but that may change,” pointing to Denver’s proposed “right to survive” initiative -- a law that would “allow any individual to engage in activities, such as resting and sheltering oneself in a non-obstructive manner, in outdoor public places.” [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 5/1/19; Ballotpedia, accessed June 2019]

    In April, Carlson claimed that “America’s homeless epidemic is getting worse by the day,” chastising politicians on “the left” for “virtue signaling.” He pointed to Denver’s potential “right to survive” proposal as an example, which would make it legal for homeless people to live in tents on public property. He claimed that “normal people” are the actual victims of homelessness and that these laws are aimed to “make their lives even more unpleasant,” adding, “If only families had a political party that was looking out for them.” [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/29/19]

    On Special Report with Bret Baier, anchor Baier aired Fox national correspondent William La Jeunesse’s report on homelessness in Los Angeles, describing “rotting food, trash, used syringes, [and] human waste” in the city. La Jeunesse described the health risks to police officers interacting with homeless people and reported that “homeless crime [is] up 50% according to LAPD.” The chyron during the segment depicted homelessness as a “festering danger” and a “disease threat” and described homeless people themselves as an “intractable burden,” claiming that the “needs of 55,000 homeless strain nearby communities.” [Fox News, Special Report with Bret Baier, 6/3/19]

    Video by Miles Le

  • Laura Ingraham's history of promoting hate and white supremacy

    Blog ››› ››› JOHN KERR

    Fox News host Laura Ingraham is under fire again, this time for defending white supremacist Paul Nehlen. Ingraham has repeatedly pushed hate and white supremacy on her radio show, her podcast, and her Fox News show.

    Ingraham began to lose advertisers after attacking Parkland survivors in 2016. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. She has:

    • promoted the white supremacist "replacement" conspiracy theory cited by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter;

    • spread the evidence-free nativist conspiracy theory that migrants were bringing diseases into the United States;

    • compared Planned Parenthood to Hitler;

    • defended the racism of Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and praised King as "one of my heroes on the issue of immigration";

    • told Democrats to focus on white voters;

    • accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) of using "minority privilege" to criticize Fox hosts like herself;

    • complained that America is plagued by "white-aphobia";

    • attacked Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's heritage as un-American, even though Sotomayor and her family are from Puerto Rico;

    • likened Confederate statues to priceless antiques and protesters to ISIS;

    • used the song "Shock the Monkey" for a segment discussing Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' racist "monkey" remark about Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum;

    • declared that Martin Luther King Jr. would support President Donald Trump;

    • suggested that the cast of Hamilton is guilty of cultural appropriation for playing white people;

    • called for the revival of "Operation Wetback" to mass deport immigrants;

    • used the sound of a gun shot to cut off a sound bite of civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington;

    • mocked the accent of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as not sounding "like Minnesota";

    • bemoaned that "transgenderism" is no longer "called a mental condition";

    • and much, much more.