Sinclair's Sharyl Attkisson gives credence to QAnon

Attkisson to QAnon influencer “QAnon John”: “There was some interesting information on there that did appear to be coming from someone who may be working on the inside of government”

Sinclair's Sharyl Attkisson gives credence to QAnon

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Citation From the May 1, 2023, edition of The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast

SHARYL ATTKISSON (HOST): OK, so let's — for people who don't know, what is QAnon in terms of what you see it as and what it was made out to be? Let me give a little background. You tell me if I'm correct on this and fix anything I'm saying that's wrong.


ATTKISSON: QAnon became really big, was it when Trump was being elected initially in 2016? There was —

SABAL: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I'm sorry. Go ahead. 

ATTKISSON: Well, people were looking online at a special weird — I looked at it a few times — like chat group thing that's not — doesn't look regular on the web, but —

SABAL: Yeah.

ATTKISSON: Supposedly, a person or a group of people that was publicizing inside, maybe intel-related or White House-related information that really appealed probably to Trump supporters and conservatives, the — with the nature of the information that —

SABAL: Yes. 

ATTKISSON: — furthered some conspiracies. And I'll point out many conspiracy theories have proven true in the past few years —

SABAL: Absolutely.

ATTKISSON: So that doesn't discredit it on its face. I think some of the stuff that was published that I looked at didn't happen. There were a lot of sort of codes and dates like these, these mysterious, you know, things like going to see a psychic that doesn't really say anything, like it would say things like — 

SABAL: Yeah.

ATTKISSON: “Check out the number four and look at the date today and you'll know and” — But there was also some — 

SABAL: Yeah.

ATTKISSON: You know, there was some interesting information on there that did appear to be coming from someone who may be working on the inside of government. Did I describe this right? I mean, you add to that what you wish.

SABAL: So the original Q drops of information, I believe, were absolutely coming from inside of the Trump White House because there was correlation and connection between some of the communications from Trump and his team during this time to kind of corroborate that, if that makes sense.

ATTKISSON: And Q refers to a security, level of security clearance in the government, right? So therefore —

SABAL: It does, exactly.


SABAL: That's 100% correct. And you know what? That's one of the things that the mainstream media will never touch on, is that Q got the name Q because one of the first drops was “Q Clearance Patriot,” and Q clearance is the highest level of clearance in the U.S. Department of Energy. So there's that connection there. But they, they totally gloss over that. They — What they've made QAnon into is kind of like this group that doesn't exist, really so.