Judicial Crisis Network's Carrie Severino can't explain why Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge shouldn't testify in public

From the September 24 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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CARRIE SEVERINO: Everyone who said they were there, she said was there says it didn't even happen so there's not much more you can ask.

KIRSTEN POWERS: That's not what they've said, that actually is not what they've said, you guys have to stop saying that. They didn't say it didn't happen, they say they don't remember it and there's a very big difference between someone saying something didn't happen and they don't remember it.


SEVERINO: They have asked repeatedly for her to bring in the evidence she wants to see. They said we will interview the people you want. She is not responding.

JEFFREY TOOBIN: What does that mean, bring in evidence?

SEVERINO: If she wanted to have her therapist speak to the Judiciary Committee they have invited her to submit those.

TOOBIN: To testify? To testify?

SEVERINO: Well to certainly at least be questioned.

TOOBIN: Oh, oh, come on.

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): But why not testify publicly under oath?

SEVERINO: Under penalty of felony, there's a jail term that goes along with it. I'm not sure why you think it would be that much different.

COOPER: But you still haven't answered, why not do it publicly? Why not do it publicly on television in front of everybody?

SEVERINO: Well, it's possible they would have a later process doing that.

TOOBIN: They said no.

SEVERINO: If everyone says they want to have an FBI investigation this is an equivalent process in which you have to testify under penalty of felony.

COOPER: I still just don't have an answer about if openness and transparency is the idea, why not just having other people testify as well, Judge --

POWERS: Mark Judge.

COOPER: Mark Judge, the therapist, just I don't quite understand, what's the problem with that?

POWERS: Let me help you out, Anderson. They don't want Mark Judge to testify because he's not going to be helpful to them. I think it's very obvious. 


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