Fox's Shannon Bream: Report of sexual assault by Kavanaugh “seems so over-the-top”

Bream: “It begs the question, would you continue going to parties in 1983 if you had been the subject of this? So, it raises a lot of questions.”

From the September 27 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SHANNON BREAM (HOST, FOX NEWS AT NIGHT): It seems so over-the-top to people that -- would there not be police reports if everybody knew in the community? You saw the high school group of his that put together a letter yesterday, they say, “We don't know this woman. Certainly we would never have attended parties that -- there were gang rapes happening on a regular basis, and continue going to these parties.” 

BRETT BAIER (CO-HOST): She says she went to ten of them. 

BREAM: At least ten, at least. And she says, according to her, it was between '81 and '83. She outlines her gang rape as being in 1982, so then it begs the question, would you continue going to parties in 1983 if you had been the subject of this? So, it raises a lot of questions. 

I used to be a sexual harassment attorney. I was not doing criminal cases like this, but I found that there were stories all over the spectrum. I saw plenty of false claims. I saw legitimate claims. And we have to find out today, there's really an audience of one or two senators who is going to be watching to see how this turns out. You mentioned Rachel Mitchell, who will be the sex crimes prosecutor asking questions. I talked to a defense attorney last night who has had cases across the courtroom from her for years and she says, “We're on opposite sides of most issues, but she is methodical and she is fair.” 

This may not be as exciting as people think it's going to be. You may not have your Perry Mason -- Google it -- moment, or, “You can't handle the truth.” You may not get that because she's going to be very methodical in how she goes through this as any good prosecutor would be. So, it may take some time to get to the answers that people really want. 


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