Fox News guest to women protesting Kavanaugh: “How about just a little quiet?”

Bill Bennett: “Ladies, have you no shame?' Really, how about just a little quiet?”

From the October 5 edition of Fox News' The Story with Marth MacCallum:

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BILL BENNETT: Yeah, what I say is what was said to Joe McCarthy. Ladies, have you no shame? Really, how about just a little quiet, just a little recognition that someone searched her conscience, searched the record and did the right thing. I hope she's safe up there. There's some crazy people up there in Maine. And I hope people watch out for her and watch out for her. She did a good and brave thing today. And she should be thanked for it. This is what I'm worried about, Ed, is what happens in the future. This isn't over. This was one battle. But we're in a war, we're in a big culture war.



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