Fox anchors: Brett Kavanaugh should argue that he's not guilty just because he's “a white guy”

Martha MacCallum: “It is very clear that they are trying to peg him as a callous, elite boys prep school, white guy”

From Fox News' September 27 coverage of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (ANCHOR): Here's an interesting parallel with the Clarence Thomas story, as you just said, the victim of a “high-tech lynching.” And as Brit [Hume] said, one of the elements of that was that he was a Black Supreme Court justice. The person who accused him was also African-American. So he came out and spoke so forcefully about that, about how he felt he was the victim of that. We have heard a lot in recent weeks about white men being guilty because they've been accused. Now, one question is, does he go there? Does Brett Kavanaugh say, “I am not guilty just because I am a white guy who went to” -- and it's interesting because one of the few phrases that she added to her testimony was “elite boys prep school.” So it is very clear that they are trying to peg him as a callous, elite boys prep school, white guy. So, in this environment, can you stick up for yourself in that vein and say, “Just because I check all these boxes does not mean that I did this.”

CHRIS WALLACE (ANCHOR, FOX NEWS SUNDAY): No -- not only can he, he has to. He has to absolutely say that, one, it didn't happen, I'm being unfairly accused. And the #MeToo movement, there are a lot of people -- he has to be sympathetic to the movement and credit it, as he was in his interview with you, and that sexual assault is a terrible thing -- but he's got to also say that "I am the victim. She's a victim of something; I'm a victim of something, which is being unfairly accused. 

MACCALLUM: I mean, the reason that all of these people have signs that say I believe her and I believe all survivors is because he fits the mold. He fits the mold.


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