Discussing Brett Kavanaugh, NRATV host says #MeToo movement is now like McCarthyism

From the September 17 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Think about the precedent, Brittany. You have one single sourced allegation at the last minute dropped on a Supreme Court nominee. This could happen for any cabinet member, and I don’t care whether [it’s] Democrat or Republican. It isn’t right, it's certainly not playing fair and it doesn’t go into the values of how America was founded. They do this now, and they re-hear Judge Kavanaugh and his position in the Supreme Court, this sets a very ugly precedent down the road.

BRITTANY HUGHES (MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER): Well not only for people who step into the political spotlight, which at this point I’m wondering why anybody even would. But I’ll tell you as a wife of a Navy Officer, as a daughter, as a sister of a brother, this concerns me in general for men. I think it’s a scary time, in a way, to be a guy. If that is what our justice system is now dependent on, if in the court of public opinion, you can be tried and convicted based on one almost four decade old allegation from one woman who says that you did something, she has no proof, she has no one to corroborate his story, she didn't come out for decades, it took decades for her to come out and say it in the first place, dozens of women have come out and said, “No, that’s not the way this guy ever behaved, we never saw any kind of behavior like this from him.” If that’s all it takes to ruin your life, to bar you from public office, to ruin your career, to damage your reputation and your family, then I really, really fear for where this country is headed. Because, look at the end of the day of course we want to help sexual assault victims, of course we want to encourage women to come forward, and to come forward soon so that justice can be had and evidence can be gathered. We want that, of course we do. But we cannot live in a society where one allegation, years and years later, is enough to completely ruin your entire life. You have to presume innocent until proven guilty. I mean how many times have we seen innocent men go to jail for things that they ultimately, we found out that they didn’t do. And then society gets angry over that. So do we really want to live in a world where that’s all it takes to completely convict someone in the public’s eye? Where it can be weaponized against a political opponent? I -- absolutely not, it's a horrible slippery slope.

STINCHFIELD: I agree with you that the Me Too movement, at its start, was a valuable tool to raise awareness to a very horrible problem. But once again what the left does is they weaponize that movement. And really, they besmirch the people who came forward early on by trying to lump in all of this other stuff. And you make a very good point that now one allegation can ruin somebody. It reminds me much of the McCarthy hearings. Of [Sen.] Joe McCarthy [R-WI] telling people that “this guy’s communist” with little or no evidence of being a communist. They marched them up in Senate hearings. This feels like that.  


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