CNN's Symone Sanders shuts down attempts to question timing of Moore accusations

Sanders: “That is dangerous ... I don't want to thear any conversation about 'why now?'”

From the November 17 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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ANDRE BAUER: I think a bigger question here when you talk about sexual assault is why haven’t these come forward on Judge Moore before now?


BAUER: :Why now" would be the big question for me.

SANDERS: Let me tell you something, I just want to stop right there because that is dangerous. You can’t -- as a person that also has a “Me Too” story I commend women with these ‘Me Too’ stories who have been victims of sexual assault, sexual micro aggressions, rape, coming forward and talking about that. It is very hard to know that people are going to pick you apart, that you could be persecuted, that people are going to look at not just you but your family. So we should not be ever asking the question about why are people coming forward now. We should be thankful that they have the courage to speak their truth and share this with the world so that we can change the system. So I don't want to hear any conversations about “why now?” The question really needs to be: Why has Roy Moore not dealt with his issues, OK? And why are Republicans across the country defending him, protecting him, and trying to shift and twist the conversation so it makes them look better?


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