Bill O'Reilly tells Glenn Beck he blames NY Times, CNN, and Media Matters for a “hit job” against him

NY Times recently reported O'Reilly paid $32 million in a single sexual harassment settlement

From the October 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

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​GLENN BECK (HOST): Bill, on the [Lis] Wiehl affidavit, The New York Times fails to recognize here that this is a legal document, and she is a member of the bar, and that if she signed something that was not true, she should be disbarred. She's not --

BILL O'REILLY: It's worse than that. And I'm not impugning or saying anything, I'm talking in a general sense now.

BECK: She's not saying any of this, but The New York Times is just speaking for her.

O'REILLY: Wait, wait, wait.

BECK: Go ahead.

O'REILLY: If any American citizen signs an affidavit that's notarized, all right, it's under the perjury law. So you can be prosecuted if what you're saying is not true, which is why the affidavit becomes so vitally important. And here's the kicker, we gave that to The New York Times. They had that; they did not print it. Then their weasel reporter, the most dishonest man on the face of the earth, tweets out, oh, O'Reilly says we didn't mention the affidavit, and we did. I didn't say you didn't mention it, I said you didn't print it, and you should have printed it up top because that's the story. But they didn't want that to be out because that wrecked their story, which they already had written. No matter what I said or gave them, and we gave them an unbelievable amount of stuff from day one of my tenure with Fox News. They know, but they don't care because this was a hit job to get me out of the market place.

And then you'll have the left go, oh, he's paranoid, oh, yeah, yeah. OK. [I] could back that up 50 different ways. Media Matters is involved. CNN is involved. And it's beyond any doubt.


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