Baltimore Sun's Zurawik Blasts “Incredibly Sick Culture” Of Sexism And Sexual Assault At Fox News

David Zurawik: “You Can't Undo A Culture That Has Lasted This Long Overnight”

From the March 12 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): It's interesting, there's this Fox probe going on. It leaked out a month ago, so presumably it's still going on. But it's dangerous to go further down this road into this kind of theory about what will the next attorney do with this investigation. I do wonder, David, for your take on this. It's been about almost eight months -- it's been about eight months since Ailes resigned. And yet, word comes again this week of another investigation -- of another settlement into this alleged assault claim. Your take on what it means for Fox News to continue to have these settlements a) that they're happening, and b) that they're being reported on.

DAVID ZURAWIK: You know Brian, and on this show, we talked about it previously, and I said that I think this is an incredibly sick culture, that this is nasty, this is ugly. This is beyond sexism, this is sexual assault in some cases. And yes, yeah, cut off the head. That's some place to start. Get rid of Roger Ailes. But, Brian we said it on here, you cannot do some of the things he's alleged to have done and other people who are now in management positions didn't know anything about it. How do you make payments to somebody and nobody is signing those checks or nobody is doing the accounting? No other big management heads rolled in that when they first -- when the Murdoch sons stepped in and acted like they were taking over. You can't undo a culture overnight that has lasted this long with one or two moves. And I think that's what we saw this week. There are more problems there that haven't been looked at.


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