Sebastian Gorka: The U.S. Women's soccer team wants “to destroy everything that is wholesome in our country and in our Judeo-Christian civilization”

Gorka: “They've gone insane”

From the July 10 edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Sebastian Gorka:

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SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): You won't believe it. You know this woman who dyes her hair, who thinks she's a big warrior, from the American soccer team?

One of her colleagues in the ticker tape parade today in New York was filmed, they were given the keys of New York, and I'm going to play you audio from the American soccer team. It's cut 13, I think, and this is her talking into the camera about being given the keys to the city. Now, think of this, dear friends -- this is a woman who represents America.

She has the phrase, the letters, “USA” on her jersey, and our flag -- and this is how she behaves at the parade to celebrate our -- not her -- our nation's victory.


So, let me help you hear that, a little bit more clearly. “I got the keys, hide your kids, hide your wives because I'm coming to your house, and I'm coming for you beeps.” Yeah, what do you think? Coming for your children? I'm coming for your children?

Is this person clinically disturbed? What kind of -- if that's what you think or feel, that's bad enough, and you should be investigated. You should be examined, you should be interviewed, perhaps not just by police officers but by mental health professionals. “I'm coming for your children?” But she doesn't just think it, she says it on camera.

What does it mean about the people on the U.S. Women's soccer team?

Yeah, that's why we're here, friends. That's why I want to enlist you to be part of the solution.

They've gone insane, and they want to destroy everything that is wholesome in our country and in our Judeo-Christian civilization. “I'm coming for your wives, I'm coming for your children” -- that's what psychotics think, it's what psychotics say.


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