Sebastian Gorka says the Trump-Kim summit failed because “clearly, Kim and his coterie didn't read the president's book The Art of the Deal”

From the February 28 edition of NPR's 1A:​

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​JOSHUA JOHNSON (HOST): ​Give me your sense of what the White House should do here going forward, both with the policy toward North Korea and the messaging to the American people about how this is going.

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Well the messaging remains the same. The President and his team have been very clear that under the Obama administration you had a rocket launch from North Korea every 24 days. That's incredible. We haven't had any nuclear detonations or tests of warheads, we haven't had any missile launches since the Singapore summit. That is the narrative that needs be maintained with the addition from Vietnam that clearly, Kim and his coterie didn't read the president's book The Art of the Deal. I tell everybody, if you want to understand the president, you need to start with his book The Art of the Deal. Because rule number one of the president's own textbook on how you negotiate is never be so vested in any deal. Whether it's real estate in Manhattan or denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, never be so vested that you are not prepared to walk away from the table. And that's what the president did yesterday, and now there's going to be a very clear cooling-off period where Kim has to think about this.


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