Sebastian Gorka: Robert Mueller is “a disgrace to the uniform [he] once wore, the badge [he] once had”

Gorka: Mueller “has upturned hundreds, if not thousands of years of Judeo-Christian principles” by holding press conference

From the May 29 edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Sebastian Gorka:

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SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): Please understand the enormity of what we witnessed in eight minutes earlier today. In the United States of America, a man who was formerly the director of the FBI, who had been granted by the acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the incredible, almost limitless powers of an independent counsel or special prosecutor -- displayed for the world his utter contempt for the fundamentals of our legal system.

In a statement that you can read for yourselves, Robert Mueller stated that he provides the presumption of innocence to active serving members of the Russian military intelligence service trying to undermine our elections.

Yet just a few sentences later, the same Robert Mueller, Marine Corps combat veteran, stumbling through a very strange prepared speech in which he refuses to take any questions thereafter, denies exactly that presumption of innocence to the man elected by 63 million Americans to serve as our 45th president.

That's who Robert Mueller is. When he says that we could find no proof that a crime was not committed, he has upturned hundreds, if not thousands of years of Judeo-Christian principles of how we judge other people and the power of the state and what it takes to denude us of our rights. You do not get to pronounce -- ever -- in the United States, on the innocence, or the lack of innocence, of an individual who is uncharged. I'm using the technical terms of the Department of Justice's own regulations and the ABA.

You are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore, the badge you once had, and the credentials you once carried. I hope you have been escorted out of the main DOJ building because Robert Mueller, you should not be allowed to park cars.


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