Sebastian Gorka praises “patriots” who “have taken over Capitol Hill”

Gorka: “A message has been sent”

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Citation From the January 6, 2021, edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Sebastian Gorka

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): People like to say that we live in historic times. They use that as a cliche far too often. Well, today it is true.

I'm Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to President Trump, host of America First on the Salem Radio Network, and we are part, we are witnesses to, and we are part of history being made before our eyes.

It is a frightening time, it has been a frightening time for the last four years in terms of the damage done to the fabric of our republic.

But today, I'm buoyed by what I've witnessed with my own eyes this morning, from our president, from those hundreds of thousands who are supporting him at the march to save our nation, and what we are witnessing today, a massive, a huge American stars and stripes unfold in front of Capitol Hill as those protesters, those patriots have taken over Capitol Hill.

I am the child of people who suffered under dictatorship, who were liberated during a revolution, the Hungarian revolution.

I remember as a young man witnessing with my own eyes, live, the events of the Romanian Revolution, and something similar is happening today.

It's peaceful, but those who elect our representatives and our senators have had enough, and they are in their house, as we saw a protester just moments ago on television say, to the shock and the chagrin of Fox News, "That's our house, it's not the senators, it's not Nancy Pelosi's, it's not Chuck Schumer's."

God willing it will continue to be peaceful, but a message has been sent.